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Before you order


1.Please visit seller gig and watch carefully there work… with them and asked your question do you have with their gig…

3.ask from examples from them from your work not original…

4.if you think work with them then order with couple of examples get from the,if not their value time wasting.

5.don’t forget put good review after the complete your order…

6.if you are not satisfy with them ask solution from them,. if not don’t put bad review.because the seller is good worker or good talent person some one not coming see that comment… if some cunning people is there not problem you write in bad comment…

Think about this before buying service and choose best seller…


Good Articles. Every Buyers need to follow these steps before place any order. :slight_smile:


Reply to @kjblynx: Or another thing you could do is ask if there’s something different they’re looking for than what you show in your samples… and if there is, then give them a new sample showing what you can do… make make it unrelated to what they need, or incomplete so that they CAN’T use it without paying for it.

I guess it depends on the type of service they need as to whether you can do this or not. In the case of a video for example, you could put a water mark in the video of your own logo which cannot be removed.

Just some thoughts :slight_smile:


Reply to every message requires a lot of time. While I can not be 24 hours in fiverr website, I need to sleep.

So slow response does not mean bad seller


I think these tips are great.

It would be a real treat to sellers had all buyers understood this before ordering. :slight_smile: