Beg beg beg


So every now and then I will get a message in my Inbox,

some of them are simply asking questions to get a clear quote before placing an order,

others are trying to sell their gigs ( I usually ignore those types of messages)

and in other cases I get people begging me to "help them."

I can kind of see why they would ask me since I am after all a top rated seller and I’ve been around for 3 years,

but it sure does feels strange when someone says "Hi, can you help me get more orders?"

I do get questions from people who ask for help with their gigs, and I don’t mind answering them at all if the questions are

specific/legit. But when someone just messages you asking "can you help me get more orders?"

What the heck do they expect me to do, I wonder???

Yesterday I got a message just like that.

I would normally just ignore it, but yesterday I decided to check out this person’s gig just for the heck of it.

The gig was something like “I will send a HUGE traffic to your website” “I would teach you how to make money in

24 hours”, stuff like that.

OK so… you know how to send traffic to your website.

You know how to make money.

…Then why are you asking for my help???


Reply to @kjblynx:

well then look for your answer there too, baka!

Sorry, I laughed out LOUD at the baka part!!!


This is only an idea of mine, so just consider it as one possible solution for your problem. Since you have many empty slots for new gigs, you can use that as an advantage. Always try to extract money from everything, always tend to convert your ongoing problematic experience into a profitable outcome. Just use alchemy :slight_smile:

btw, it’s very obvious what kind of help they’re after. They just want you to tell them what to do in order to position their gig better. Did you used views to keep your gigs at the top ? Social media ? Tags secrets ? Did you promoted your gigs anywhere, and if so, where ?

During your stay at Fiverr you were following your chosen path. Those decisions and that path lead you to becoming a Top Rated seller. That’s what they’re after - they want to know your path because for them it’s a proven guarantee that they will “walk” a short and effective path towards the ultimate price - becoming a Top Seller (it’s also the path which will bring them most sales).

So in other words, they don’t want to bother themselves, they don’t want to waste their time reading articles or posts on forums, they don’t want to torture their brains… they only want it all served on a golden plate. I too had to deal with such… leeches mostly on some black-hat forums. I’ve received requests like:

  • “Tell me how you create the likes, I won’t sell them, I promise, I only want to make jokes to my friends.”
  • “My mother is very ill and I don’t have enough money to buy her the pills she needs, so I really want to earn like you, can you tell me your method ?”
  • "Please tell me your method, I’m a student in Georgia (the country, not the US state) and I need money for my studies"

    So, here’s my suggestion:

  1. Create a simple-looking gig (which means a gig for which you’ll spend very little time) and create it as soon as possible, the older your gig - the better the chances that some of this persons will order you gig. Title it - I will give you advices on how to become a Top Seller like me.

  2. The actual product will be a small text written in a pdf document because it’s easier to upload the same file over and over again than to copy-paste that text from one past order’s page to the new one.

  3. The pdf file will contain simple advices which you can find on Google’s Page 1 and 2 while you search for “top seller fiverr” ; “how to top seller fiverr” , etc. Just pick those which you like and add some your advices. No matter how stupid some of them may look to you, the chances are the clients will see them as a golden knowledge, after all, these are the Top Seller’s Words :slight_smile:

  4. Once created, suspend your gig. But if the final product is actually Really Awesome, you may consider leaving that gig active.

  5. When the time comes… I mean when a message from such person comes, activate your gig and give him the link to that gig. “Want to know my secret ? You want my help ? You can have it for only $5 by ordering it from here…” By asking you, It’s obvious that they want your help, so those who value a Top Seller’s advices for an amount of $5 - they will order your gig for sure.

  6. Once the deal is done, wait for his review and then suspend your gig again until the next person like this one comes to you with questions and requests for help.

  7. Will anyone leave a negative review there ? Quite unlikely, but hey, even if someone does that:

    (1) if you have 8 positive reviews and 1 negative - the negative influence of the negative rating on the probability that this person will order that gig is almost non-existent, so just let it be.

    (2) if you don’t have positive reviews or the number of positive reviews is very close to the number of negative reviews, let’s say 3 pos and 2 neg, you can:

    2A) delete that gig and re-create the same one, just copy paste the description and title.

    2B) keep that gig suspended and create a new one which will have slightly different description and title, you have enough empty slots for new gigs.

  8. The potential negative ratings there won’t have an influence on your overall rating because you already have 1100-1200 positive ratings, you’ll need 12 negative ratings to drop to 99%.

    Cheers :slight_smile: