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Hi every one, I am new on Feverr, I really like it here but I have two questions I will be thankful for help, first, Can I bye and sell using my facebook account? I already creat few gigs and I am getting impressions and custome gigs, once I made a deal with a customer how it become officiel (transfer of files and money)

second and last, how can I order a card or relate my moneybookers account?

Thank you veyr much!


1.) Everything is done via the Fiverr platform. You don’t need Facebook and communicating with customers through it is actually prohibited (if you met them on the site). You’ll send files via the Deliver button and your customer will get them directly. The same goes for money. Customers will upload funds to their Fiverr account then pay you on this site.

2.) You can order a Payoneer card by going to your Revenues page then clicking on the Payoneer Card button. Unfortunately Fiverr doesn’t accept Moneybookers at this time, but they do accept PayPal.


I highly suggest you read the Fiverr Terms of Service. It fully explains how everything works and your obligations for using Fiverr. Good luck.


Hi! thanks for your help but I guess I badly ask my first question, I mean I creat an account on Fiverr, I just loged in using my facebook account, is that ok? and how to make the deal “official” once the customer only sent me messages, I can upload my work but how can I get my money?



Reply to @montaaz: Yes you can login through your Facebook or Google+ account to, that’s just a way to make it easier for you to manage your account. But beyond that keep all communication for orders within Fiverr.

The deal is made official when someone buys your gig :slight_smile: You’ll get a notification that they placed an order, and you’ll see an order page with a timer on it. Don’t do or send any work over unless that has happened!


thanks alot @doubleu!


Just in case it isn’t clear, sellers are allowed and encouraged to use Facebook and other sites to drive traffic to their Fiverr gigs. Promotion is fine. And of course, you are allowed to answer questions and interact, but all ordering and payment of a seller’s Fiverr gigs MUST be conducted through Fiverr itself. That’s why it’s a Fiverr rule to have “exclusively on Fiverr” on all gig videos.


Reply to @montaaz: Do not do any work until a buyer actually ORDERS a gig from you. Once they place the order they pay for it, then you will receive a notice that an order has been payed for and you can start the work.