Beginner here


Hi, Everyone. I am just a newbie on fiverr and I just need any help or any idea on how to get traffic on my gig. Any suggestion will help or if you could collect my gig and I will collect yours in return.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thank you for responding to my post. Have a great day


The best of luck. I truly believe that posting here is a great step in getting more traffic. Also, make a video! It will make fiverr put you on that first page more while you’re new.


Reply to @kiffinyjean: thank you, for sure I will. Thanks for the tip


how to get traffic on your gig :

> change your tag same with huge traffic of similar offer of yours


Reply to @wildgirl: Hi, thank you for the tip. That’s actually a good idea and I will change and play around with the tag then I will see if the traffic will come.


Hi and welcome.

Try to promote your gigs on Youtube.

For every 1 keyword there are 4,600,000 articles competing for the 1st page of Google. For every 1 Keyword there are only 16,000 videos competing for the 1st page of Google.

Create a Youtube channel and videos about your gigs.