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Beginner in Fiverr from Malaysia

Hello everybody!

I was jump in to Fiverr since March 2015 and i got 2 orders. Is it good for beginner in Fiverr?

Thank you!


Hello @shahrulhairy,

I think that 2 orders is not bad for a beginner. You have to know that I am still waiting for my first order since several weeks. So I think that you should not worry. I am sure that new orders will come to you very soon.


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Great start!

I would add a video and use all the characters available for the description, this allows for more keywords and more chances of people finding your service.

Reply to @phoenix96: Thank you for you kind words! =)

Reply to @deannabalestra: Thank you! Just drop by your pages, and it’s inspired me! =)

Reply to @petology: Thank you! got 1st order within 2 days? Hope you will get more and more orders again =)

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Hey man keep the good work

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Salam, Thumb up bro…

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Waalaikumsalam, wow! seller level 2… otai ni =)

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Salam! wow… level 2… terbaik! =)

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