Beginner please give advices


I m new to fiverr. I m not getting any sale… What should I do?


I agree with what @dreamtexan said.

When I first joined Fiverr, I had a slow, slow first few months. Then once I started posting more gigs and bidding on “buyer requests” section, etc., it started picking up.

Just be patient, and you’ll succeed! :slight_smile:

Good luck


Your work is VERY impressive. I favorited the data entry one for my needs soon. I can offer only two minor changes to your profile to draw more clients to choose you:

  1. offer a photo without the mirrored sunglasses. That is okay for social media to give you “air of mystery”. If I were to choose from a profile that shows eyes and one with mirrored glasses I choose the eyes because the mirror does not allow connection. I am 57 years old. My word is my contract. When I can shake hands with business peer and see his eyes then I am feeling good for our agreement.
  2. Offer a video screen capture of some of your photoshop magic or PDF redesign. The experience of video brings someone closer to “owning” your service.


Read the through forum’s “Tips for Sellers”.