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Beginners have a hard time in getting their first gig

I belong to a society where people do not prefer buying online services which I offer and hence, using social media is of no use.
I was quite appreciated for my designing skills and other works which I offered to the buyers. It all beings with a chance which in turn we have to give our best.
It takes a lot of time, patience, dedication and efforts to shine out in the crowd. You have to make sure that what you offer to the buyers is somewhat different that what others do, Be original and put in your best efforts even for the smallest task.
It is not a tough task but it sure isn’t easy either.
Luck matters as well, you may get your first order within few weeks or it may take some months but you always have to be prepared for the golden opportunity, grab it and try to prove your abilities and skills using the same.
You may feel frustrated, bored and even worthless (in my case) but when the right time comes, do not let the chance go and be sure to make the best of it, it is only then you can give your business, a kick start!

You’re not allowed to have another account as per Fiverr’s TOS, which means that this account is likely to run into “difficulty” sooner or later. Just sayin’.

This is the best “guide to success” that I have seen in the forums lately. I read the forums daily, and I just wanted to take a moment and compliment you on hitting all of the major points!

I always enjoy reading your forum posts and responses. :wink:

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