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Beginners problem

Hi I am new to fiver just gonna think why its tough to start a go here on fiver as community the seniors should cope up with juniors to how the things going and may be refer them a smaller work to strengthen their profile I don’t know my suggestion appreciated or no but i need some valid answers?

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No. Those who are “seniors” or are successful here do not “owe” you any smaller work. YOU are responsible for your OWN success here. This is not a “socialist” site. It is capitalism all the way - we all struggle to find our place - and some, never do, because they do not want to carry their own weight - they feel others are supposed to do it for them.




well thats a point too anyway am hoping to have a nice journey here with fiver family.

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This is a joke right?

So because you’re new, you’d like me to ‘gift’ you some of the work that we’ve earned? Work that we’ve earned through hard work, grit and perseverance? Customers who want US to do their work, because they chose US and don’t expect us to farm the work off to someone else.

And not to mention that when we started 2.5 years ago, nobody ‘gifted’ us any work. We did what any successful seller does - we made high quality gigs, we worked our butts off for cheap to get some reviews, and we took Fiverr SERIOUSLY, something which 99% of the people on this forum complaining about not having work do not do.

Honestly, I find your post funny more than anything. A friend of ours has just opened a cafe in London, and is working 18 hours a day just to keep things afloat in these early days. I’ll go and suggest to him that all he has to do is approach some of the other cafes nearby and ask them to send him some customers out of pity. :roll_eyes:


You want to know how hings are going? I assume this means you want to know how Fiverr works. That’s simple there is a free Learn course,

As for referring you to “smaller work,” no. Just no.

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Absolutely not. YOU are responsible for your own success. Veteran sellers, like myself, and others in this topic, have worked hard to earn our sales over the years. You must do the same. Fiverr is a market-driven services platform. Those who build their business through research, investment, experimentation, persistence, strategy, and dedicated customer service find success here. Those who sit back, complain about a lack of fairness, and expect everything to happen for them are the first to fail.

No one is going to “cope up with juniors”, or “refer them work to strengthen their profile”. That is not how Fiverr works. You need to succeed on your own merits, or you will fail for lack of effort.


Just out of interest, why would a perceived “senior” put their reputation on the line over a random stranger on the internet with an unverifiable skill level by just giving away their work?


This isn’t a charity and seniors don’t owe juniors anything.

Besides, we seniors give loads of advice here, but the juniors who need the advice don’t read it.