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Behance Problem

Is there a problem linking Behance profiles at the moment?

I’ve tried a few times but I get an error?


try again later maybe error will resolve

Been trying for two weeks.

maybe they are working on this bug :slight_smile:

These are the only links allowed on Fiverr: :wink:
The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:


Fiverr allows you to link accounts - Behance being one - but it doesn’t work.


If you type “behance in linked section of profile” in the search bar above there are some posts on the subject.

It does appear to be a problem.


I did that and couldn’t find an answer.

Which is why I posted here.

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I just did “it” too using the exact wording @lloydsolutions suggested and I found much info on the subject. :thinking:


Oh really?

I found six results - one of them was @lloydsolutions replying to me with this phrase. The other five were of no use - which you’d have known if you’d read them.

Nope, I only read the titles. That and the fact that it is not on the Fiverr allowed links list was enough to know a link to Behance would cause issues.


unable to link with behance help me out!!

Read the above posts to find your answer. :wink:

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Except you’re wrong.

Behance is encouraged by Fiverr to sync your account with. The functionality is there but broken.

I think there is a misunderstanding here.

Behance is not allowed as a portfolio link in the list of approved links.

The question from the OP does not refer to the approved portfolio links but to behance which is listed in the profile section.

My post was just to show that this problem seems to have been around for some time and does not appear to have been solved.


@personalletters If you are facing difficulty to directly link your Behance account then maybe you could link it through some other link like youtube, flickr or blog.

As was my second post. :wink:

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A little bit of politeness and respect for white hair - and in general, for everybody - will be much appreciated.

Besides being a wonderful soul and a very kind person, @vickiespencer could be your mother.


I’m always polite.

I take exception to somebody not reading something properly and then not even apologising for it.

Which is ironic considering she’s a proofreader.

My Behance account not add in fiverr.Please any soluttion

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