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Behavioral strategies for your kiddo or you!

Hey all!

I’m new to Fiverr and I know this is a different offering than what’s seen on here. However, I wanted to open up my passion to the internet.

I am a Behavioral Therapist currently working in the mental health field and I’ve developed a Gig that brings us together to hyper focus on one particular concern in your life, whether it’s inappropriate behavior in your child, or perhaps you yourself are wanting to develop a habit.

Depending on what Gig you pick, will determine the intensity of behavioral strategies and check-ins. Swing by my gig, take a look and if you don’t feel like you may benefit, maybe a friend, colleague, family member, or acquaintance may. Pass this along to help a fellow human out.

Lastly, this isn’t a clinic service, rather it’s a consultation similar to a personal coach or accountability partner. However, the approach is that of a behavioral focus and will provide you with education on why we do what we do and resources to further advance your interest and success beyond our time together! No matter the concern even if I don’t feel it would suite the timeline offered, I’ll do my best to suggest my opinion on what options you may consider!

We’re in this together.