Behold, a new level of "hi"


We all have them, “hi”, “hi dear”, “hi ma’am”, “hello” and nothing else, just that, period. But what do you do or say when all this goes to a whole new level of confusion and mystery? :smiley: (If only I could have let their nickname show up, for that would have made it even better)

My reply was on the same level as theirs, but still… haven’t heard back of them, and I’m still intrigued!


You should have replied him with Two Question marks. :wink:
One step ahead of Spammers. :smirk:


Bummer, how didn’t I think of that? I think now I have intrigued them as well, and we both wait for each other to reply :smiley:

Spam: it’s one small step for man, one giant leap back for mankind!


@saddu_writer Savage :joy: :joy:


I was looking for some humor. I’m rested. In to bed.




Good Lord, what is happening here? Maybe the aliens living among us have decided to come out…

On a serious note, though, my brain gets toasted trying to think what they have on their minds in those moments.


…and it’s not sdfa or klj either. HLW is spread across the keyboard :smiley: boggles the mind.


We need to decode this. Seems like a Phonetic Alphabets user Spammer. :thinking:


Good golly! You speaks the language mate!


It feels like a "hello"
People who type like that make me uncomfortable…


And speaking of new levels, here’s a fresh one (from a seller) that shocked me (a seller forcing me to buy his gig in return for reviews, saying that $5 is nothing to me, harassing me several days in a row with introductory “hi” messages, and using bad language when he fails to convince me) - this is today’s excerpt:

How can they have 100% positive feedback with such language and attitude, and still be a seller while also trying to trick the system?


Out of hearts, Woofy, so I’ll reply instead of a :heart: and to say I got something similar a while ago, reported them in the end, and since your post reminded me of it, went to look the account up and it´s not available anymore.


Oh my, did you see that? @emmaki liked me post :smiley: I miss her, too…

Hopefully Fiverr won’t let this seller go free without repercussions and harass other people, like I’ve seen in the past with others :frowning:


Yes. :slight_smile: To both. A heart for you too, Emma :heart_decoration:

Both 2 ‘nice’ colleagues I looked up to see if their accounts are gone recently, were gone, that, plus the large reduction in gig numbers across the board, gives hope.

Oh, the one yours reminded me of, BTW, I did report with a ticket too, since I’ve read so often the Report button doesn´t do much.


@miiila yes, I’ve reported them to CS, and guess what? “This page is no longer available” . Well, I’m now expecting his revenge :smirk: For he was a seller, he had gigs, money and such, now his empire has fallen.


@Woofy31 I liked your post because the seller has gone, not for the revenge bit! :slight_smile:


Great, yeah I was a bit worried as well with some reports, but the thought they´ll go on and scam and harrass other people, if fellow sellers or buyers, wouldn´t be less worrisome either. :slight_smile:


The story of the average person that uses the word, dear.

Hi Dears,

This discussion is very good. However, my beloved dear ones, give me an order, please. I work really good and I won’t say “F@CK YOU!” to any dear person from here. I am 12 years old but I have experience in design for over 20 years cause I copied the gig description. Plus I am really famous as you can see from my avatar. Work with me you’ll be happy dear.



My goodness, I can’t stop laughing… with tears, that is! :joy:

Now that right there is the culmination of it all - ending with “thanks, dear.” :joy: