Being a level one seller I still don't get much order


I am a level one seller with 41+ Positive reviews and only I got an order with buyer request. Can anyone review my gig?And tell me what will be good for me to get many orders.


Hard work and good marketing leads to more orders. Are you doing either of these?


level will never guarantee you more order, level are to show your profile status on fiverr community, make quality delivery & try different tage for your gig it will be helpful


Either you’re trying to bait me, or you have no idea how Fiverr works. I’m guessing both are true.


Yes, I sent 10 buyer request daily. But I need to promote more in social or other things much. Can you give some tip about social marketing? @jonbaas


Thanks for your suggestion. @negiservice


Thanks for your suggestion. I will use a different tag for sure. @daimdesigns


sure use natural keyword for tags & try a quality gig images that speaks for your service clearly :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s right. Even Fiverr also say that you have to promote via social media and need to send buyer request to get more order. @negiservice


Well, social marketing refers to the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other similar sites. It can also be rather involved and complicated, since there are people to do social marketing for a living. In your case, if you want to promote on social media, the best advice I can give you is to make sure you are connected to your target customers. Just posting links into your friends’ feeds is not marketing – and it won’t grow your business long-term.

If you want to learn about social marketing on a much deeper level, you’ll have to search the topic on Google. There are plenty of resources out there that can be of use to you.


Yes, I need to change the images and tag. Can anyone review my gig for better suggestion or which thing I need to change? @daimdesigns


Wow, great suggestion. So want to know one thing, If I will join some group on FB, Linkedin related to my services and share the gig and also my profile, is it valuable? @jonbaas


Yes. That’s true. @negiservice


Yes,I think ,that’s right way.


Share your gig on social media and aslo try to make sure attractive gig cover image best wishes for you :point_right:


Thanks for your suggestion. @jahid849310


Your most welcome brother


That depends upon the nature of the group. If you’re joining the group to participate, chat, and share ideas with the other people in the group, then yes, that might be valuable. If you’re just joining the group to spam your gig links to everyone in the group, then no, that would not be valuable. It would probably get you kicked out the group and branded as a spammer.


Thanks for your valuable suggestion. @jonbaas


You’re welcome. …