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Being a Mentor

A while back (maybe a week or two ago?), a seller contacted me. This seller was new to Fiverr and was seeking help to navigate the website. No one has ever sought out my help like this before and I’m not going to lie it made me feel good! I was very surprised when this person contacted me.

This seller asked me lots of questions and I gladly answered. They asked basic questions about revisions, buyer requests, and other general things to help their gig get off the ground. I was more than happy to help. I’m not sure why this person contacted me, but I’m glad they did. I got to help them and we both benefited from it. I got to help out someone who was new and they got to easily navigate the site with little to no frustration (or at least that’s what I hope I’m helping them with.) This seller is so kind and thanked me a lot. I wish that seller and all new sellers the best of luck!

Being a new seller can be frustrating and scary, especially if you don’t know what to do. There’s no harm in asking for help, though. You don’t have to ask me for help, though, if you did I would be grateful. There is a whole community of helpful people on this site whether it’s the administrators of the site or a buyer or seller.

Never be afraid to ask for help because none of us are perfect! We can work together to make our experience on Fiverr stress-free! If you are having trouble with something, find someone to help you with a solution. There are many people to turn to, so look out for them!

If anyone needs help, feel free to contact me. If you think I’m too weird or crazy, no worries, there are plenty of other places to ask for help.

Good luck to everyone!

Well that is so kind of you. Prepare yourself for a flood of messages :). This is why Fiverr has this wonderful forum and the Fiverr academy so all the questions can be answered but I find that a lot of new sellers don’t even take the time to read and learn.

Hmm, your inbox is about to take a beating girl!

Hello, you are doing a very nice thing. Here is what it seems to be to me.
Personalized private tutoring on how to improve sellers gigs is work.

It’s something where you can do a little bit free and then offer a custom offer for $5 or $10 so that you are being compensated. Your work deserves to be valued for a tiny amount at least, even if you consider it just being helpful, and even if it’s personally rewarding in ways greater than money.

I don’t know about flooding! haha
You may be right about some people not taking the time to figure it out on their own, but it’s much faster to ask for help. Plus, some people may get overwhelmed by something like this and they just need someone to reassure them :slight_smile:

We’ll just have to wait and see!

Hello Misscrsytal! I think you have a very good idea here about private tutoring. I may just take that idea. Thanks!

You are most welcome!

Next time send them to me I’ll tell them what to do.

That’s so nice of you! I would like your help too, if you have the time some day. Just started out yesterday.