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Being able to Block A Particular Buyer or Seller


I think it would be very helpful to be able to show as offline to a particular seller or buyer who is being annoying, while still appearing online to everyone else. Then, when we are ready to speak with the person, we can let them see us as online again. What do you think?


An “invisible” status feature? Hmm… appearing offline won’t stop buyers from messaging you or even harassing you with messages every 5 minutes asking why you’re not there or why you aren’t responding… and I reckon it would be rather hard to implement such a selective feature.

By the way, did you know that some sellers/buyers appear online all the time because they have the mobile phone app running? Even if they are not using the app, they still appear online… so:

If you want an excuse for a buyer as to why you haven’t responded to them even though it showed you were online, just tell them that you have installed the Fiverr mobile app and it runs all the time, hence showing you online even though you’re not :wink:


I bet the lady got so “annoyed” by clients that she just left Fiverr for good.



Nope she is still there. Try this

This is a common BUG on forum. Remove the 1 at the end of her username.


What would I do without you! :smile_cat:


That’s a strange response. I think @wuerz123 you might have misunderstood my original posting.


Oh you know… my original username was @MissMisunderstanding… so that’s 99,9999999% probable