Being able to export pending sales as live iCal or Google Cal object


Hi there, only been on fiverr for a little while but want to become a part of the community and hopefully add my two cents in to make this a better place for all of us :slight_smile:

I’ve found time management to be a little tough in my first month on fiverr - what I think would really help is the ability to export all pending sales data as a live Calendar, I find trawling through fiverr’s Sales Management section can be at times confusing and I have on occasion missed gigs that seemed to pop up out of nowhere.

If we could export them to a calendar it would not only give us an easy offline reference to help us keep track of pending orders, but for me would also mean I could ‘book in’ my work hours in a visual manner and really help slot my fiverr gig around my day job.

I’m not sure how complicated this would be, but if it was kept just a feature just for Level 2/Super Sellers who have high enough sales volume I can’t imagine it would be too resource demanding.

Is this possible?




That would be super handy, especially when I’m on the go!


Thanks oldbittygrandma, I appreciated the helpful message you sent me when I first started out!


Excellent idea!

Anything that helps improve organisation is a welcome bonus :slight_smile: