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Being able to request more time on gigs!

There have been times my buyer and I both know the gig is going to take longer to complete than my given allowance when they purchased. I think it would be great it there was an option for the seller to “request more time” to complete the gig that could either be accepted or declined by the buyer that way at times projects require more time and the buyer is fine with that it doesn’t negatively affect the seller because they are appearing to deliver late when both parties have agreed to additional time.

Sadly, there is no real workaround for that case. What I do is have a long delivery time to begin with as some orders and clients may take me a few days, others may take weeks depending on how big the order.

The best “sort of workaround” which works with clients that may have previously ordered with you is to deliver the gig partially, and then add the other stuff before “fully completing” the gig. Another way to do it is to deliver the gig partially and get your buyer to “request modification” in which the clock won’t be ticking down anymore but the order will still be considered active. Just make sure to ok these methods with your buyer before doing so.

I would support this, and would hope something like this would be implemented some day.



Say you have a basic gig ($5) with a set delivery time of 7 days. Ordered alone you have 7 days to deliver before going late.

When you create a Gig Extra (any $ amount) and set the delivery date of the Extra for 7 days, when a Buyer buys the Basic Gig and the Extra, the delivery time increases to 14 days (7 + 7).

I don’t think this function is needed. I just think that the buyer should understand that sometimes sellers are overloaded and should take it much calmer… Thats my opinion

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The Creative Guys

Such a feature would be great! To go around this I just doubled my delivery time and made a note that if the order is a simple $5 one (I do translations) I will deliver it much faster. But I need such a timer because I had a semi-weird experience when a buyer I really like and love the work I do for ordered 6 multiple orders…and I had to do it all in 6 days, which was my delivery time then (he did say I could be late but I just don’t like to do that).

In that case, if I had a way to request more time he would have gladly agreed and I would have slept more and drank less coffee that week. :slight_smile:

Let’s hope that we can get this in the near future. It doesn’t seem like such a complicated thing, so fingers crossed everyone!

I’d love that as well!

In my case, if I offer 1gig sketch, it’s okay to finish it in a few days. But if it’s realistic painting, the buyer can order multiple gigs and there’s literally no way for me to finish it so quickly. That’s why I set long delivery time as default. I know it chases some buyers away, but I can’t risk more people ordering at once and wanting their pictures the next day, haha.

It would be PERFECT feature. Or, simplier version, multiple gigs would add extra time.

I don’t know if the Fiverr gods are listening but Fiverr does not work well for long term projects!! As an editor, I need more time from the beginning. Thirty days is not long enough to edit a 400 page novel! I break my gigs up by offering to edit half in thirty days and then the other half the next month, but I have so many buyers who are not frequent Fiverr customers and they get very frustrated with the whole infrastructure. They want to be able to access their files from the first order, in the second order and it would just be so much easier if Fiverr would allow a three month gig for huge projects! I know I can use up the first thirty days and then offer an add on, but the longest length for an add on is 14 days. Editing a book can take months when you’re doing it right. I want to be able to work in one work space on one project for as long as it takes to get the job done right. I want my clients to be able to access all the files we’ve exchanged and not have to go hunting for something they don’t know how to find because the first order is closed and no longer in their dashboard. And while we’re at it, I want to be able to send the client large files through an upload whenever it’s necessary to do so. So many times, I have to use a shared folder through dropbox because the book files we’re working with are too large to attach to a message. Fiverr gods are you listening???

I’m in support of having an option that enables
buyers request for more time on a gig. I have a
basic gig with an extra tailored specifically for
the base gig. Some buyers would come along,
order all of my gig extras and the system will
offer me peanuts and still expect me to deliver
in lesser time. This is not fair.

I’m supposed to deliver the extras in 12 days
and you pay me $10 to deliver in 24 hours.

That’s underpayment.

Reply to @thecreativeguys: If it’s just a matter of a lot of jobs, then that is the sellers issue to manage workflow better. Sellers should extend their delivery days on the gig in general. If a seller is that overloaded then they should pause their gig and not take anymore orders which is another way to monitor things. Just my opinion on that :slight_smile:

But if a specific job is going to take long due to the physical nature of it, and both seller and buyer agree at the initial point of purchase, then I agree with others, just deliver a part of the gig and then the rest when it’s done.

Reply to @writergirl1215: I do not think Fiverr is good for 3 month long projects for all those reasons. There are some editors that offer to break it down and edit one chapter at a time, however that doesn’t always work because you sometimes need to read the whole book to do a proper edit and structure. How many books have you edited here through Fiverr? Have all the buyers been happy getting the full edit at the end, or do you give it to them in chapters along the way?

Many sellers use dropbox though, so that part is pretty normal.

I honestly do not think Fiverr would want to set up an infrastructure for 3 month gigs, way too much scamming could happen in that amount of time frame.

Reply to @besttrafficserv: what do you mean “offer you peanuts”…if someone orders all your extras isn’t that the whole goal for sellers that you up-sell and make much more?

Reply to @besttrafficserv: So charge more. You can set your gig extras to be whatever price you want, right?

Yes I agree, I have also run into this issue. I had a buyer order 8 drawings from me and the time was for only 5 days and there is no possible way to deliver all 8 in 5 days, and also working different gigs all due with in the same time span. A way to add a time extension would be great.