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Being active after a long time gap

I’ve joined Fiverr in 2017. After completing 30+ projects I’ve been stopped due to my illness. Currently, I’m active on Fiverr again and trying to get my older position back. Day by day I’m losing my confidence.

What should I do now? Any suggestions to move on?



Check your competitors, adjust your gig and try to offer something that they don’t. If your looking to re-building your customer base, I would suggest lowering the price then we business is booming, increase it again. That worked for me. I hope you get back at it again soon!

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Thanks heyfellow1!
I’ve edited my gig. Can social media share help me to get order?

It depends on a multiple of factors. If there’s alot of competitors for it and demand is low, then yes I would suggest to invest in some kind of marketing (i.e sharing via social media etc) but for me, for example I didn’t have to market anything due to the demand.

Yes. I have a lot of competitors as I do “Social Media Marketing”. Actually I’ve demanded genuine price for my job. Would it be wiseful to reduce the price?

I think that would get you a higher chance of getting orders.

DON’T worry brother, you need try to patient on your work, remember that nothing is impossible in the world, just carry on

I would update yourself on all the prices in your sector and update your gigs

share your gig in social media