Being an Expert makes a difference, as well as sharing those credentials that make you an expert


Hi! :slight_smile: This is my first time on forums! I felt it would be good to come and share some of my tips for helping in Gig Sales. My biggest tip and most important is make sure the Gigs you produce are Gigs in which your talent, or service is one that you are an expert at! I myself am an expert at entertainment, and entertaining. I have gained a healthy amount of gig requests from my Black Cowboy Gig. Im a character and I CAN sing which makes it all the more entertaining. Ive gotten rave reviews and am sure i will get more in the future. Also, It is important to display your credentials. I have on my gigs that involve professional entertainment services, my Masters Degree Diploma. Showing your credentials is just as effective as running a video in my opinion. I hope these few tips help someone here on Fiverr and i hope yall have a chance to visit my page yourselves!! Happy FiverrDays!!! :smiley:


Nice tip :slight_smile: Also note having great credentials are more awesome if backed by actual actions and results, as reflected in your feedback.


Agree with Magisworks. Nothing is more credible than a customer validating your skill and the delivery of your promise, then taking the time to tell others in a similar situation.

I trust that here more than anything else when I buy.