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Being Asked For Identification?


Hi there,

I’m a new Fiverr seller and I just had an email from a potential buyer asking me to prove that I am an native English speaker by sending a photocopy of my Drivers License or ID. I’m not real keen on giving out my personal identification to someone after one message from them (my mind automatically goes to identity theft/fraud). Is this a common request from buyers? I’ve politely declined the request and revoked my offer. Any information you folks can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


It’s a scam. Don’t provide any personal information like that. In fact, it’s against the rules of Fiverr to do so, or to offer any form of communication outside of the Fiverr order thread in order to complete a sale.


Thank you very much. I figured it was a scam, but I really appreciate you giving me the inside information. Just to be clear, they sent me a message in my Fiverr inbox and not via email…that’s my bad, still learning the terms. Really appreciate your help jonbaas!


Reply to @janet_louise:

You’re welcome. I’m happy to help. :slight_smile:


That request is out of bounds, so is asking to chat on Skype. However, if a buyer wants me to write an e-mail about his company, I will need to see his website, or he can give me the information he wants in the e-mail without letting me know the name of the company.


Wow! Good to know, I am also very green, so I have to watch out for these things.


I’ll take a devil’s advocate stance just in case. If the buyer has purchased a gig before with a service that requires native English they may have been burned. One thing you could do that should satisfy most and doesn’t break rules is to put a sample of your voiceover work on your gig video or YouTube. I think Soundcloud is allowed too but someone else would have to confirm. You could use something generic that isn’t worth stealing but would still offer an idea of what your voice and accent sound like. Other buyers would probably be interested as well so it isn’t really a waste of time.

I would never send a buyer any personal details, though. Even with some info redacted a DL photocopy should not be offered on Fiverr. Glad you hesitated!


I got that same exact message some weeks ago! The person wanted too much info Like who is your health insurance provider, the id card number, your address making it too easy for identity theft. I give my personal home address out to NO ONE. And offered to purchased multiple gigs. Your identity and safety are priceless. In the brief time that buyer feedback was visible it appeared that one woman took up the offer, I was targeted and you were as well who who knows who else. Seems like the person is targeting women or maybe I’m just being overly paranoid.


Reply to @coolandcute:

He’s targeting women, apparently, and he is most definitely trying to obtain information that can be used to commit fraud. There is NEVER a good reason to either ask for that kind of information here on Fiverr, or give it out to someone who asks for it.


Reply to @jonbaas: Yeah you are so right.