Being asked to do a fake review on Amazon (advice needed)


I am very new on this site. I have made several purchases and I finally got my first order under my belt. My second order was to write a fake review. After doing a search on the forums here I see that it would violate a 3rd party terms of service. I told him I had no problem doing a real review if I could actually get the product in hand or if it is a book to read before reviewing but that I did not want my account shut down here for writing false reviews and violating TOS. So is the proper way of handling this to do a mutual cancellation? Juat wanted to ask opinions. It seems very confusing as there are so many on here that offer reviews. The ones I have looked at state they will do only honest reviews while others don’t even mention. I just want to be one of those that are obviously on the upside of things here because I want to actually do well with Fiverr and build a clientele and not have it taken from me. I am an honest person and therfore want to be an honest seller. Is a mutual cancellation going to hurt me being it is only my second gig purchased? Advice? Thanks.


Don’t do fake reviews. It’s illegal! You should submit a mutual cancellation, along with a message scolding the buyer for trying to get you to do something illegal. That’s what I do :slight_smile:


Very good advice~ It’s heartening to see someone who wants to do the right thing!

I saw a TV ad recently that talked about a product being rated higher than a high-end, pricier version of the same thing, “based on online reviews”, and laughed to myself, thinking, yeah, and I wonder how many of those reviews were real!


Integrity rocks.

That being said, even though you are offering to provide HONEST reviews, it still violates 3rd party TOS because money is being exchanged. Also, I’ve posted review services in the past and no matter how you word your gig, you will ALWAYS get someone who purchases and then tells you that you must post 5 stars. It goes with the territory, I suppose.

Best of luck to you!!