Being blackmailed


I had a guy who I delivered gigs about a week late for. I apologised a lot, but this was like 3 x 8 gig orders. Anyway, every single day he has been begging me for free articles to make up for the delay. Now its got to the point where if I don’t give three articles today then he will leave negative feedback for all the orders he has made in the past. (which is about 15 of them) sigh i suppose I have little choice but to deliver these articles, hello 45 minutes of wor with a headache.


The problem is, it was a promised bonus, but I said ‘as and when’ I can get to it. Every couple of days he has been messaging me etc. and I am trying to explain the situation but nothing…sigh


Even with the promise, I would talk to Customer Support. As you said, it is “as and when” and your other orders in the queue will need to take priority.


I’ve done it now. It set me back a little, but still. Hopefully now I no longer need to wake up to “where is my articles. u sed they wud b soon”


Customer support is about as useful as a pile of horse dung when it comes to this stuff. I have a similar situation right now. I had a guy order a business plan from me for selling on CL. I gave him the business plan and hours later he updates the order page saying he wanted greater detail that my instructions were too vague (remember I do this so it can be adaptable to everybody, not just one person). He states to me “Give me a refund or I leave a negative feedback, your choice!” If that isnt extortion, I dont know what is. So I decided to follow the comments all you folks make here and forwarded it to CS. Their response "Sorry, but we cant do anything about it. Try to work it out with the buyer or give him a refund if you dont want negative feedback"

Really!!! Like I needed them to give me such an incredibly obvious and useless response? If he had asked me nicely I probably would have given him a refund, but under these circumstances I dont liked being pushed against the wall. I dont think that I will, so that means from one jerk I will suffer a huge drop in my overall rating. Useless CS thats what they are!


Reply to @beatcraigslist: My thread has long been taken down… but why does this sound EXACTLY like the problem I had with a buyer? There was a buyer that demanded he wanted greater details with a reading (though he couldn’t tell me exactly what details he wanted) and then threatened to give me negative feedback, my choice.

CS just cancelled the order and now his account is pending investigation.

Ryan, you should really not even bother with someone like that. It's not good for your mental health. :( Sometimes it comes down to whether you should just cancel the order to shut them up.


Sadly his original order was completed at the end of January, he was just insisting on bonus articles since. He now has them now. He has spend $1000 with me in the past, but to be quite honest, with his attitude I am not too fussed if he never orders again from me.


Reply to @ryangillam: I don’t want to sound mean or anything but I think you should treat a buyer better than that. You did promise to deliver the articles and he’s spent over ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS on you. Don’t you think you should have treated him better?


Reply to @alliemadison12: I promise to deliver, but I didn’t give a time scale on the articles. It is not just this point where he has been a little ‘off’. He consistently begged for free articles simply because he orders a lot (I never do this, devalues the service which is cheap enough already!) and he gets very angry if I didn’t deliver 25-30 articles to him a day. In short, he is very ‘demanding’. I always treat customers as fair as I possibly can, everybody gets what they have been promised, no matter how hard I work for it. I just don’t appreciate people working me to the bone for very little reward. It doesn’t matter if they spend $5 or if they spend $1000, I don’t want to be treated like that at all. The only time I have ever been ‘aggressive’ to a customer (and it wasn’t even aggressive) was when somebody demanded a refund on my work saying it was ‘poor quality’ and then subsequently posted on a forum that I write high quality articles and I am good to get a free one out of. sigh