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Being Called out for Plagiarism for no Reason


Very annoying situation here. I have never and WILL NEVER deliver plagiarized content to a client, however, a client has come back at me today to say that all three of my last articles are actually plagiarized. To prove this, they have sent me 3 x screenshots of what looks like a Russian language piece of software highlighting random words in random sections of my delivered articles.

None of the examples make any sense, as the checker they are using seems to simply highlight random words like ‘do,’ and say that if these can be found anywhere else online it’s plagiarism.

Since the work delivered is NOT plagiarized (I’m emphasizing the NOTS here to get the message through to the “it must be plagiarism” cretins) I have ran the work through my own plagiarism checkers and verified that all content is 100% unique aside from a 3.14% similarity in one article which is a basic false positive. (I have also sent links to other plagiarism checkers to the client).

Also, I have messaged the buyer with my findings and requested that if their own plagiarism checker is providing links to supposedly original content, they follow these and identify exactly what sentences or parts of sentences are supposedly copied. If they can find any examples (which actually make sense) I will be happy to amend their work but I can’t see how they could as none of their work is plagiarized.

Has anyone else been in this situation and if so, is there anything else which anybody thinks I could do?


I haven’t been in such a situation since I don’t deal with content writing (yet), but you did exactly what I would have done :wink: Having proof on your side is the best you can do, if not to prove it to your client, then at least to prove to CS that you’re the one who’s right.

Now, regarding that foreign piece of software - you do imagine that it could be a fake software (especially with what you say it highlighted), which could be used exactly for this purpose: making the seller provide work and then getting away with it for free because their software “proved” you’re wrong. Some may easily fall for such a trap, and that would make a heck of a cheating scheme :neutral_face:

However, I do hope your client will accept your proof, and if not, well, CS has got your back, don’t they? :slight_smile:


CS hates me so I try not to bother them. The big deal, however, is that this is a very regular client whom I have done 100’s of orders for. That said, they are acting a bit odd at the moment by sending me screenshots of excel files with their article briefs and I thought that they were Canadian, not Russian.


Wait, why does CS hate you? Especially considering that the CS members change so frequently… surely you couldn’t have upset all of them :stuck_out_tongue:


CS probably doesn’t hate me but I hate bothering them and no dispute has been opened on the order in question. If it is, then I will contact them.


I haven’t been in such a situation as a seller on Fiverr but I have been as a student. The plagiarism checker at my school, just like in your case, regularly fired up when detecting common words like “then”, “and”, etc. This was always ignored by the teachers so I guess the first thing you should do is to ensure that the buyer understands that it’s a common bug with the software and then, if they don’t accept the delivery, contact CS to see if they can intervene somehow.


I don’t have experience with this but all you can do is explain it to them just as you explained it here.

They should already know you do not copy the work of others.

Maybe their finances are a struggle right now and they are hoping for a refund?

Stand your ground!


I’m officially the first writer on this post; other than you, that is.

The simple conclusion to be drawn here is, they likely want a free job. Right now, all they seem to be doing is prepping the way for the cancellation attack. I think they think they are smart. Getting a “plagiarism checker” to invalidate a job is the best way to discredit a writer. My advice? Stand firm (as noted by the Miss), do not budge due to any of their shenanigans. If I were you, the very first thing I’d do is ask them what they want - cut to the chase. This way, you are sure if they need a refund, or they need a rewrite, or they just want to use this as an excuse to get you to write a fresh new article. When you are certain what they want, you know how best to tackle them. Success!


Well, who would have though it? For the first time in forum history, sanity has prevailed.

After sending my buyer all of the details mentioned previously, they have apologized and conceded that the problem is likely on their side.

Humans 1: Skynet 0.

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Darn, you caught me off guard with no :heart: left to give!

Always feeling glad when such situations get solved the way they should :smiley: Be happy, and prepare for the next order from this buyer haha!


I’m happy for you! :grinning:


Thank you! I’m already going crazy with a cup of green tea and a cigarette. The system works. People can be reasonable. This information is life changing.


Now, that’s some way to go. I guess my “success” wish paid off, after all. Congrats!


It’s so nice to read about a happy ending for a change. Neither party is trying to cheat the other. Hurray!


Andy, your problems with buyers are always described hilariously but I think this positive outcome has surpassed even those. For this reason alone I propose that all of your difficult situations have positive outcomes in future.


If you could make this into some kind of Mod decree for my benefit, this would be a huge help. I could then simply tell buyers that they are breaking the law of Fiverr by questioning my authority and this would make things much easier to deal with all round.


Hey… I have a writing gig, too…


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