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Being cyber bullied with 100's of daily degrading comments on soundcloud by a seller from here

I am very frustrated as I submitted a request to support on here about a seller who I had a business dispute with. I received a refund from fiverr support for a soundcloud gig where the end result wasn’t as described. Since then, the seller threatened me on here. After that, the seller has bombarded almost all of my soundcloud tracks on a daily basis with hundreds of degrading comments calling me a low piece of sh*t, that I buy all of my comments and rob the guys who do the service for me (not true), that all of my likes and what not are fake (again not true), that he has 2000 other accounts like this which he will spread all over my tracks so I better pay up, and just repeats several comments over and over again with different accounts. Fiverr support told me they have reached out to him twice to stop, but he hasn’t. Now I’m being told that I have to talk to soundcloud because this is now outside of fiverr. I contact soundcloud every day. They block all of the accounts, but that isn’t fixing anything. I’m a bit dumbfounded that this is being allowed where there is no actions being taken against the seller for trying to ruin me, my reputation on soundcloud, cyber bully me, degrade me, and publicly humiliate me. It’s over a business dispute on here, and it is beyond unacceptable and unprofessional. I don’t understand why this is being allowed.

Reply to @annai80: well, this seller should be banned (if what the OP says is true); but this won’t solve SoundCloud problem. So probably some legal action should be really needed…

I really hope it doesn’t have to come down to that. My songs are copyrighted so if he uses my stuff to make something degrading towards me, I may have to consider it. I really don’t want it to get to that level. I don’t understand why he’s not getting banned, but who knows. I have enough respect to not put his username out on here, though I’m sure that’s probably against the rules anyway. Then again, how is what he’s doing not against the rules? Wait a second … Just went to this seller’s profile and it says The user account you are looking for is no longer available. Wow maybe they did take action, or the seller deleted his account and made a new one. Either case, I bet this soundcloud stuff is only gonna get worse lol Not funny, but I have a soundcloud engineer team keeping the look out for this stuff.

I also saw that today while the comments were appearing, the tracks which have no download option enabled are showing they each have 1 download. This seller has had a gig to master tracks and stuff, so I know they can do stuff musically. I really think the seller is planning to make something degrading using my music, and posting what he does with it all over soundcloud. I can’t think of any other reason why the seller would download my songs. I don’t know how the seller downloaded the songs where the download is showing up which only shows up if you enable the download option. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Horrible! I am so sorry. I cannot understand why Fiverr isn’t banning the seller, since the problem originated here on Fiverr.

You should consider legal actions. Your reputation and business is on the line. Maybe when he realizes how serious this is he will stop.

Reply to @fouryoute: first of all thank you for not publishing his username here (yes, it’s against the forum rules).

If you see that message, then Fiverr suspended or banned his account, so Fiverr did what he could… but SoundCloud part seems harder…

Ok well I really appreciate that. thank you. Hopefully some solution will eventually come with Soundcloud. Perhaps he will get bored after a while, and just stop. I don’t see that happening any time soon though.

What SoundCloud gig did you buy? If you’re buying likes, downloads, followers or plays, I’d say, though quite cruel, you deserve it. They’re already against the TOS of SoundCloud.

If you’re buying promotion or mastering services, I sympathize with you. That’s the reason I don’t buy any social media gigs here. Most are frauds, and revenge is way too easy.

Legal action is probably your last resort. If I were that bad guy, I’d imagine me using proxies to create crazily many SoundCloud accounts and ruining you.

Yes, if this person steals your music then legal action is a good idea. But as far as the Soundcloud harassment goes, simply make sure to block the accounts that are posting. After a time, ‘dude’ will give up.

Keep in mind it’s the internet - people can recognize spam, bullying and general BS. It’s doubtful anyone listening to your music is going to pay any attention to an obvious attempt at extortion.

Reply to @fouryoute: for soundcloud… disable comments, disable downloads or create a new account… might be hard to start again, but at least you get rid of this person by doing that.

Reply to @willpower_hk: Well the gig was basically promoted that the seller has a blog with thousands of users, and he would love to share people’s music with them. It was mentioned that this would create likes, reposts, and comments. I thought this was gonna be organic with real people checking out my music. I did ask before I ordered if this was going to be from bulk accounts with the same likes and reposts cause I got scammed before. He never responded, and I decided to take a chance that this is all organic since he had 150+ positive reviews on it, though nearly every one said Outstanding Experience! Hmmmmm… When the gig was over, all the accounts were fake. Everyone contained the same liked and reposted tracks, just like every single account he has bombarded me with comments on my tracks with. I told him how I wasn’t happy about the gig because it wasn’t as described, and I was given likes, reposts, and comments from bulk non-legitimate accounts. I told him I would like a refund unless he could provide legitimate real stuff. He said he couldn’t give me a refund, and that I had to contact fiverr about it. So that is what I did, and I got a refund. It got ugly after that where he said everything on my soundcloud is fake, while what he gave me was real and flipped everything on me. I asked him if he could provide proof that the accounts are real, but he never acknowledged the question each time I asked. Like you told me, he said it’s against Soundcloud’s rules to have fake likes and stuff, and my account can get banned. Pretty ironic that he said that since that’s what he sells to people, claiming it’s from real users from his blog. He said I’m gonna pay for this (no pun intended), report my account to soundcloud, and that I started something that I shouldn’t have. In a nutshell, he didn’t give me what I ordered, I called him out on it than got a refund from the higher ups of the site, he had a vendetta ever since, and blew up my soundcloud accounts because of it. In the comments he said he had 2000 accounts like this to spread the news on my tracks. That was basically a confirmation and admission that everything he gave me wasn’t real. Now that his account on here has been deleted, I imagine it will become very ugly.

Reply to @itsyourthing: Well I have been contacting soundcloud to remove these accounts. If him saying all my stuff is fake was true, than I wouldn’t dare contact soundcloud. Like I said in a previous comment, they have a team of engineers looking out for this. I think he will eventually get tired of this when I’m not acknowledging the existence of the accounts by responding to them comments, and feeding into it all. I’m sure his next step would be to directly to talk to soundcloud to try to convince them that everything on my profile is fake. That would be a pretty stupid move since he shot himself in the foot by basically saying in hundreds of daily comments what he would say to them. Since soundcloud see’s all of these comments regularly and are removing the accounts regularly, they will easily put 2 and 2 together. If Soundcloud thought what he was saying was true, I’m sure they would have turned the investigation around on me. When his attempt to report me doesn’t work, we will just have to wait and see what his next attempt to try to ruin me will be. Now that he knows his actions caused him to lose his fiverr account, maybe he will wisen up and stop. That’s wishful thinking though. I’ve done everything in my power to stop this without legal action.

Well there was no soundcloud comments for the day. Perhaps losing his account on here made him wisen up, or perhaps this is the calm before the storm lol Hopefully not though.

Reply to @fouryoute: He’s probably focusing his time on setting up another Fiverr account so he can rip off even more people.

Good luck, I hope you’ve seen and heard the last of him!