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Being 'Featured'

Is it a good thing?

I’m not so sure.

With one of my gigs, I’ve been floating around the front page between 1st and 20th for a couple of months (my Retro Poster Gig).

Yesterday, I got an email from Fiverr to tell me that gig was now ‘Featured’.

But when I try and find my gig now (if I start on the home page), it is nowhere to be seen. It’s only after clicking on Graphic Design and then Flyers & Brochures that I see it… third row down! And two after some chap who had stolen my idea and started exactly the same gig himself a few days ago.

Unsure how being ‘featured’ makes things better, or indeed gets you more work?

I’m not complaining - I’ve had 800 gigs on this alone in the past 4 months but I can see that sliding now due to being ‘featured’.

Anyone got experience of being ‘featured’ whether it be bad of good?