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Being Fiverr seller with full time demanding job outside the platform

Hi,there …
So I am very happy on Fiverr, but I got a very good offer for a management position in a multinational company. Honestly, I make good money here as a PRO seller and aside from some bad experience with buyers I enjoy working with my clients. The money I would be getting (if i accept) the offer will not be higher than what I make on Fiverr (sadly thats Italy) that’s why I haven’t made my mind.
I would like to hear advice from people who have a full time job and still manage to work on Fiverr.
My plan is to keep only high end clients and work weekends. Is it possible? According to my projection I wil be making only around 30% on Fiver of what I make now but even that is good as added to my income.
On the other hand, boring corporate job again…


This is one of those times where you need to sit down and write down pros and cons of all three options:

  1. Quit Fiverr
  2. Refuse offer
  3. 50/50.

How do you feel about working with people in real life again, getting dresses, working from 8-16, business emails, driving, lunch breaks and eating on the go, no freedom to leave when you want?

I quit my job and it is almost summertime, giving that COVID doesn’t cause major issues again, I can not wait to be in the morning on the beach and then get back to my home office, maybe do some Fiverr work (I am not getting orders in the amount necessary to support life expenses) or do some private work, write a book or something, but after working for every day for 14 years, now being 39, the only thing I can recommend is chose FREEDOM, and what makes you happy, always. If you do not have children, disabled family members, or similar, and you are truly free, then do whatever makes you happy.

But I read somewhere you have your own company?