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Being Forced Into a 5-star review


I felt like I was strong-armed into giving a 5 star review today. I had a seller working on two web design projects. One he finished, the other he is currently working on. I gave him a 3.4 star review on the completed project because he turned it in two days late and didn’t follow the original instructions. I gave him an honest review and gave him a satisfactory rating. He bombards me with messages asking why I gave him such a low score. I gave him the reasons, but he still wouldn’t accept that, saying that he wouldn’t get anymore work because of me. He promised to meet the expectations on the current project he’s working on if I changed my review.

My client already likes what he started and I didn’t want to dispute the order, only to have to start over again. We’re already a week behind schedule because he didn’t estimate the completion time accurately. I agreed to give him a 5-star rating so that the project can be completed. How are we supposed to give trustworthy reviews if ratings can be changed. I don’t think a request for a rating change should be allowed unless it’s two stars or less, or if the buyer hasn’t given valid reasons.

If people aren’t giving honest reviews just because the designer gets upset, then we’re setting other potential clients up for failure.


Please, please screenshot that demand and send it to Customer Service. No seller should do that.


Absolutely Correct…



That’s very true. I’ve definitely learned my lesson.


Report him at Support team but first finish the project so you will not waste your time and not lost your client. We (sellers) have one new privacy to never force or to offer exchanges for review otherwise Fiverr support will terminate our accounts. I am surprise how he dare to force you to change the review.