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Being FRANK is bad.... (saying no when you cannot)


Now I am feeling better & Happy…


That buyer is a jerk! (I bet you have a better word to describe him in your language!)

Obviously, he liked your work, because he came back to buy more. Now for some reason he thinks he has exclusive ownership of your time, and seems to expect you to drop everything just for him! That’s just outrageous, and yet another example of how obnoxious people can be sometimes.

Thankfully more people are nice than not. I know what a kind person you are, so I’m going to believe that you’ll see 100 good people for every 1 jerk that comes into your life~ Hopefully, they’ll wash away the negativity and bad feelings left by people like this mean-spirited buyer! (When I come across mean, cranky people, I imagine them with a very itchy rash in their private parts, but they’re out in public and can’t scratch…! Oh, but they squirm!)



@celticmoon :

I always believed being honest was a good thing… :slight_smile: