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Being knocked back over little reviews

So many freelancers are ruining the names of real, quality writers by claiming that they are, when they’re not. How are people supposed to know better when they don’t know what they’re going to receive?

It’s my full time job to re-write content for clients, usually it’s been done by cheap/poor quality freelancers, or a bad SEO Company.

When I come onto find Freelance work, my profile and skills always get knocked back because of the fact that I haven’t got hundreds of reviews and sales. That’s because false reviews are not my way forward and I have only just got more into freelancing.

As it’s not already unknown - reviews and sales are not everything and they definitely don’t always mean superb services.

Just wanted to preach haha

If your skills are great you won’t have any problem standing out from the rest of the writers. It’s not just luck that there are many great writers who are Top Rated Sellers with thousands of reviews.

We all started at the bottom on fiverr and put in the time. I got few sales at first but gradually things improved as time went on. Be prepared with ready-made writing samples to send anyone who asks for those.