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Being messaged daily by Upwork bots

Everyday, I get messaged by people requesting things involving Upwork (the most common request is me signing up for it). However, the one time I decide to tell one of them off, I get a warning from Fiverr for my interaction being “rude and unprofessional”. Really, Fiverr? Spend more time trying to get rid of these people and less time worrying about how freelancers speak in private messages. Do better.


I am sorry this is happening to you. It must be EXTREMELY annoying, to say the least. They are not only annoying but also have the potential to affect your response rate/time in case you are busy with something else and are unable to respond to these spam messages in time.

Imo, telling them off is not really going to do very much. If you tell this guy off, there is no guarantee that someone else is not going to take his place and send you more spam.

Besides, why waste your precious time telling them off, right? You could, instead, just type a single word reply (such as “NO”) and then report their message as spam. I believe this will also automatically block the said user and they won’t be able to contact you again.

I’m not sure why some sellers are targeted more than others for these things. I only get them occasionally but I know other reputable sellers get them a lot.

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I can confirm these things arrive from time to time. But as someone said above, you just say No or something polite, spam/report and move on. Your reply rate is not affected and they won’t be able to contact you.

Yes, I know. Thank you.

I just started getting the same thing. I just signed up yesterday and already received 3 messages from people who new accounts trying to sell me their services instead of requesting mine.

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