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Being new starting new business

Lets be honest, I will share something that I learned,
I have seen lots of blog videos before I join Fiverr, all saying that you should never work for free or less price believe its harder than you think its never gonna be easy you should fight for it Starting new business is never gonna be easy, I totally understand that becouse I just find Fiverr I don’t how my Fiverr work is gonna go (haven’t got any order yet)

As a new worker you should start with a very low price. because no one is gonna trust you how will you work even if you show all of work. The first thing the buyer what’s to see is your stars and comment,

I will be happy to hear what you think?
sorry for any miss spacing word.


Well. I am a new seller too. What i believe that success take alot of time. Mean while when you do not have any sales. Promote your gigs outside the fiverr. Work on your gigs and make it different from your competitors. Let’s say that you offer a designing services in 1 hour and providing after sale services you differentiated yourself from many sellers. So don’t give up work on it daily. Your time will come one day. Be patient. it will work.



Agree with you thanks for sharing it.

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Great advise! I agree with you.

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Best wishes on your fiverr journey! You will succeed.

You are mostly welcome