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Being on the first page is very important :)

Because I had 1 single cancellation, my gig was throw down to the last few pages, normally I always on the top page.

So for 5+ days, I get no orders and inquiries ( waited patiently). And after 4 days, my gig reappears on the first page, and immediately, I got 2-3 orders in Queue today.

So to all the new sellers, being on the first page is very important. Good luck :slight_smile:


My main gig is on the 4th page for quite some time. It usually rotates between the 2nd and 5th page (1st on rare occasions). As you can see my impressions are pretty much the same as yours (if not better). Being on the 1st page is very helpful, but having a well put together gig which is in demand can carry you just as far.


Yes, my main gig is always on the first page because the niche is not very saturated ( thankfully for that)
Just how 1 single cancellation can result in a sudden drop of my gig , now slowly climbing up

Thank you for sharing your personal experience.

However, your story neglects a lot of aspects to this.

Furthermore I don’t think it’s helpful to just tell other people “hey, if your gig appears on top, you will get sales.”

I would argue that creating a gig that’s relevant to what your buyers are looking for, is the true reason why you are getting orders and why you are appearing where you do now.

You are not seeing the whole picture, which is what makes it extra frustrating when your “lucky streak” runs out, like it did a few days ago.

There you go, you seem to be acknowledging your personal “context”.

Judging from your graph, you should be able to convert even more. There’s plenty of room for improvement as you hone in your selling skills.


actually I didn’t feel any frustration during this period. I had read a lot of posts here about " my gig is on the last page" I do know that Fiverr will change the ranking sometimes, so my attitude towards this is like
" Ohhh, finally is my downfall, that’s okie, can let the new sellers have more exposure , that’s good. And I will just take some rest during the downfall " haha

This is why we see so many new post asking for “tips and tricks” to rank on the first page. Instead of focusing on the first page, focus on creating a gig that offers some type of value to potential buyers.


Here, if you like to look at graphs, my statistics:


hahaha, looks like someone is doing exercise ( heartbeat)

No one seems to get that there is no first page.

Ever since fiverr 2.0, we have transitioned to extremely laser focused SERP.


Most people on this forum feel extremely frustrated when their gig “deranks” as they call it.

My point was that your original post may fuel that frustration even more.

There wasn’t enough focus on your storytelling about how you rode it out, and were patient, or what you did during your “downtime”, there was a focus on how important it is to be on top, then you wished everyone “good luck”.


The best is when I do literally nothing and impression changes by 100 from day to day (50 -150 - 50 -150 )

Oh, if we are showing graphs then I think mine is the craziest … :stuck_out_tongue:

You see those peaks with thousands of impressions? You think I got massive sales? Yeah, no, they did NOT lead to any sales. ZERO. This happened just after periods where I had experienced great amounts of sales. My inbox got hit by a horde of spammers, as I have documented on this forum many times. I don’t think I got one single legit inquiry during these periods. Must have been good for my conversion rate, huh?

Regarding the title of this topic, I agree with @j6nyc6 and @frank_d - there is much more to a successful gig than being on the first page. You need to have a marketable gig, apply effective marketing techniques, and have great skills in your chosen category.


how can i stay on first page and what i want to do ?

Complete your all orders on time and with a good feedback from buyer!

This almost got me busting with laughter…lol sounds so familiar!

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FrankD wrote some things… and then three posts later we get:

how can i stay on first page and what i want to do ?



That’s because some people don’t take the time to read the information that’s given to them if it isn’t a short cut to the first page. :expressionless:


Or don’t take the time to read more than half the title.


I’ll will go totally off topic, but I totally love that Meow Gig Performance (and if you’ll make a gig about it, I’ll buy it :rofl:)

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I have it already, even made a topic about it during the GIG N/A era.

But to be honest, I have this thing when I see something and I have a vision of artwork that just needs to be created. Random doodle sometimes, but sometimes I get 10-20 new logos out from my “doodling”.
But lately it happens most here on forum when i have to post screenshot and block some parts of information. I just simply can not put just line or blurb…


How do I know, My Gig appears on which page?