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Being overrun by people asking me for jobs instead of placing orders

For a few weeks, I’ve been getting tons of people messaging me, telling me they’re available to work for me. (I offer translations and voice-over)

Someone even placed and order for about $30 and the only requirement they gave me was “Please proceed”. Upon asking why they hadn’t sent a file to translate, I got the reply “I thought you were supposed to send me work”.

This is getting out of hand and I’m tired of constantly thinking someone messaged me for actual work, and it only turning out to be yet another throwaway account of someone who doesn’t understand how this site works.

Am I alone with this?

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No, you’re not alone, that’s quite common, unfortunately, although I’ve been lucky enough to not have had any of them actually place an order yet (I wouldn’t cancel that myself, by the way but ask support to do it, to preserve your order completion rate), and I don’t think I ever read that on the forum either, could be a first… not that it’s much of a consolation. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do apart from reporting them, or setting up a canned response to “educate” them (link to where it’s explained how Fiverr/Buyers Request, etc. work, so maybe they won’t bother you and others again with their next messages, or account.

A pity that your first post is in the ranting pot but welcome to the forum in any case!


Nope. Although I’m getting spammed with this nonsense in waves. It’s only on weekends and there is usually 2-3 weeks interval between sets of multiple messages begging for work. I wonder why is that.

In any case, I just spam my quick response intended for legitimate buyers back at them:

Hello. If you’re interested in placing an order, please provide the following information:

  • The size you need the design in (width x height)

  • The file format or formats (.JPG, .PDF, .PSD, .AI… etc.)

  • The overall topic and brief information on the project

  • A few visual references to the style you find appropriate for the project (unless you want something 100% in line with the samples in my portfolio).

Thank you.

They say: “Ok!” and I never hear from them again. Seriously, works every time.


Nope, not alone.

And if you haven’t already, be sure to report and block them, as they are breaking the Terms of Service that everyone agreed to when they signed up.

WOW…, this is new…,
I never got this kind of behavior before…,
If i got this scam…, 100% will contact CS and hopefully they will ban this seller.

This spam is what makes us Fiverr Seller looks bad.