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Being penalized for International Orders

I live in the United States and receive a lot of International orders. The time is opposite of mine. I have been penalized for taking too long to respond on messages which caused me to lose my #1 seller status (which I just received back). I do my best to answer messages and respond to orders during my day light hours.

How can this delay be rectified in not going against us when someone across the world from us sends an order or places an order?

I don’t believe it’s fair that we would have to “hire” someone or lose sleep to answer messages when this challenge occurs.

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Just reply to each first message from sellers you’ve not replied to before, within 24 hours (it doesn’t have to be much sooner than that - as long as it’s within 24) and it should be okay. You could set up quick responses if that will help. Also spam messages can sometimes affect response rate if they’re not responded to before flagging.


In case you only check your messages once a day, try to check them at the same time everyday.

In short, you need to find a way to ensure that the time duration between checks never exceeds 24 hours.

Do you have the Fiverr App installed on your smartphone? If not, I’d suggest that you do that. You will receive a notification on your phone everytime someone messages you on Fiverr. This will definitely help you keep a better track of the messages you receive. :smile:


No matter what, you should be able to answer within 24hrs. That’s your failure, not a flaw in the system. If they message you at 2am your time, you have all day to answer (really, until it’s 2am your time again). Reply within 24hrs, and you won’t lose your level. I don’t think you’ve lost it, though.


I don’t have WiFi or Internet. I do check my messages several times a day I usually receive International messages around 1 am when I’m not awake. I don’t check my email until 8 am. Sometimes I receive them after 8 at night and there’s 12 hours until I am able to check my email.

I was responding 12 to 14 hours and it wasn’t okay. I received 5 stars in everything else except response time.

I got penalized for answering in 14 hours. So after 24 hours, I lost my level. I received 5 stars on everything else. So, yes there is a flaw in their system. I did lose my level and then had to work my hind end off to get it back. I received an email stating I had lost my level 1 seller position.

I assume you mean response rate because that’s part of the monthly evaluation (but response time isn’t). My guess is either you might missed one or more or it could have been caused by a spam message such as one automatically flagged as spam by Fiver, where Fiverr says you don’t need to respond to it but sometimes it has an effect (can lower response rate).

If you are ever sure you have responded within 24 hours to the first message from all sellers you’ve never received messages from before, within the last 60 days you should contact CS and have them check your stats are correct. If they’re not correct they can fix it (they’re more likely to fix the stats than the bug that causes them to go wrong I think). They’ll probably want screenshots but it’s probably worth doing if it would cause your level to drop or stop you advancing a level and you are confident the stats are incorrect.


If you’re in internet business and you don’t have access to the internet, there are bound to be complications.

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Is delivering an order count as response rate? If not, then instead of my responding to an order with a response, I delivered my order.

No, it was response time. I checked.

No. As far as I know, only messages in the inbox count (not the order page) and only the first response to a buyer you’ve never contacted before.

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If you look at the Analytics page, under where it says “Maintain these standards” and/or “Achieve these standards” and the first one below that section is “Response Rate” (it says “Respond to 90% of the inquiries you received in the last 60 days” [and it means respond to each within 24 hours]). Response Time isn’t mentioned there.

Response Time is shown in other places (dashboard, profile and also when you click to contact a seller, if applicable), but it’s not one of the standards you need to maintain like shown in the analytics page.

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Got it! Thanks!
I checked and it was because I hadn’t earned enough money to keep my level 1 seller status.

That shouldn’t happen as far as I know. Did you receive a message that stated that? To get to level 1 you need to earn at least $400. You shouldn’t need to keep earning that (eg. every 60 days or whatever) to stay at level 1. It should be a one-time thing as far as I know (I’m assuming things like chargebacks wouldn’t affect that either if you had any).