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Being permanently banned because my citizenship is Iranian


I had created my account about 20 days ago and now I had about 10 reviews and $156 and 100% on time, All 5 star reviews and 100% on budget with 1 hour response time.I’m living in Turkey but my citizenship is Iranian so I give them my Turkish phone number as I’m living in Turkey , Now they banned me because my ID is Iranian and they say your Identity was fake.

As I read the ToS Being an Iranian or residing is not against ToS.But now the support say sorry your account is permanently suspended(I already explained them what happened but they only say sorry). I already said them I can give you proof, I can show you bills, I can give you my Address but they just suspended me because my citizenship is Iranian…

This is really not fair and I’m going to speak with my lawyer…

Do you think I can do anything else ?

(You can see Screenshots in posts below) In post 38 screenshot 10 you can see they said because you born in Iran you can’t use our service :confused:


I think you haven’t explained the whole story … And if fiverr do not allow sellers from Iran then they would not allow you to create account .I think you could not pass the account verification process .And for that they had restricted your account …


Could you please elaborate a little more? Were you asked to undergo the Fiverr ID verification process (where you had to upload two photos: an ID photo and a photo of yourself)?

Are you sure they used those exact words? Or was it just a generic message… something along the lines of… “I am sorry, but the ID verification failed”?

I agree.

@m4hdyar Perhaps elaborating a little more and sticking to just the hard facts might help others understand what’s going on, and they might be able to offer better help?


@hanshuber16 And @jhakz1234
I explained the whole story, You can see in screenshots… I’ve just resided to Turkey… Is it really against ToS!!!

They already told you why they have disabled your account . You have created account with false identity.And it is clearly mentioned in TOS that you can not create fake account … And I know that fiverr will not suspend any seller’s account without investigation .They have suspended after investigation …


If you read more they said what is wrong, They say your ID is not for a country that you provided your phone number… It is because I’m resided.

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I see. So, the ID verification failed, and when you later contacted CS, they checked your profile and thought you’ve “misrepresented” your country/phone number.

In that case, I’d suggest that you try to reason with them. It doesn’t look like you’re at fault here. It seems to be a case of misunderstanding on CS’s part. Don’t give up. Try to reason with CS.

I wish you the best of luck! :four_leaf_clover: Please keep us posted.


@hanshuber16 Thank you for your understanding and your help. I try to contact them again but it seems they do not read what I write…

Sometimes, it can take a couple rounds of back and forth with CS to make them understand your situation. Don’t give up. Although it might be a little hard to do (given your current situation), try not to let your emotions get the better of you. Always be polite and firm when interacting with CS. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I understand what you mean but I worked these 20 days so hard… I didn’t sleep 2 nights to give my works on time and get reviews… It’s hard but I try. Thank you for your suggestion :heart:


@cyaxrex Thank you. I hope the support understand my situation… I think if they read this topic they will do something serious…


Customer Support doesn’t read the forum.


So what else you think I can do ? :upside_down_face:

I can’t see they suspended my account without any reason or fault…

Give them some time to answer your last message, then, maybe, send a new one (within the same ticket, don’t open a new ticket on the same topic or it will be marked as spam), with scans or whatever you need to prove what you told them was true.


Hi @m4hdyar

Are you allowed to reside in Turkey without any type of permit? If not, maybe it could be useful for you to attach, along with your credentials, the permit given to you by the turkish authority (which would have your personal data and photo) to the message you would send to CS.



Yes, the problem is not easy and Fiverr should check this verifying thing. I wrote at least to try helping the OP on his/her verification and on the hopes of Fiverr giving back the account. It was the only thing I could thought of :worried:


Yeah, it is a bit of a tricky situation to advise on. It also links to the VPN issue. i.e. Does Fiverr explicitly ban VPNs? As this might be the only way some sellers might be able to get around this problem.

It is also a bit worrying for me. Theoretically, I would be okay using a Maltese ID card, even though it says not for identiy purposes/use as a travel document. However, if I were to move to a country in the EU or elsewhere which does not issue IDs to foreigners, I would be in the same shoes as the OP…:frowning:


Yes, I think Fiverr does ban them and don’t like being used. Maybe this is one of the biggest problems with sellers, specially on verification.

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This is probably true.

However, I am not so sure about this :arrow_down: (at least not until users using VPN are asked to verify their ID)

:thinking: :slight_smile:

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That exactly is what I was referring to. If anyone is caught using VPN, Fiverr will ban that user.