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Being ripped off by *************

this guy ***** did some work for me log etc, it was good, i asked him to do me a website and a menu flyer and aditional flyer for promotion, i paid $250 to his bank acount in pakistan, he sent me after much delay a rubbish website i could have knocked up myself in 2 hours. and still he has not delivered the work i paid for, he insisted i pay through his bank account and not through fiver, as he had his rent to pay urgently, i thought i could help him out.
this guy clearly has no intention of completing the work, can i get him reported to fivver?
and tell others not to trust him?

Fiverr protects both Buyers and Sellers who agree to abide by their Terms of Service Agreement and not make contact outside of Fiverr. If you had played by the rules you wouldn’t have gotten burned.

Once you break Fiverr ToS which was already done when you paid outside Fiverr, they can’t do much to help you. They didn’t get their commission on the sale, either. You can still report the user to Customer Support, but it may not do any good. You also can’t review him on Fiverr to warn others since you didn’t place a real order.

I am sorry for your bad Experience. Contact Customer Support and check if they can help.

Sorry that you lost your money but seriously, how could you think that was a good idea? Do report him but it won’t be any good to you, Fiverr may take action.
Check with your bank/paypal/however you paid if there is a way to get the money back.

Do tell customer support you paid this seller outside fiverr. When you tell them it was to help him they will understand.

I don’t really know whether I’m appalled at the stupidity of someone sending $250 to someone they don’t know in Pakistan or touched by the fact that there are still a few nice people in the world who don’t mind paying disadvantaged peoples rent for them.

Give me $500, I’ll send a crack squad of agents to deal with this guy.

Contact Contact your support and assistance.

Not tweet behalf of others in the forum.
You are dramatize the situation

i dont think the cs can help, usually the bank it self wont able to help more than let you both take a talk to solve this issue.
sadly we dont know about their country policy, and you dont even know if he use a real name on their bank account , paypal will be the best solution on sending money i dont even trust fiverr which i still using my paypal as their payment , since you can put a dispute to them, but seriously never ever send money directly to some personal. let this be yourexperience to avoid any scammer in the future, and im so sorry for your lost

Yeah, you’re dealing with a crook that doesn’t want Fiverr to get its 20%. How nice of him, he finds clients on Fiverr and then tries to deny Caesar what is of Caesar. You should have never accepted his deal.

In the future, get to know your seller by giving him smaller orders. Buying $5-$50 is reasonable, going from $5 to $250 is crazy in my opinion.

Ohhhh… This guy will never see the light of fiverr again and will get the heavy ban hammer if you report him. Do it. Its better for all of us.

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I AM SORRY for what happened to you but i am sure ther s nothing to be done about it , you agreed on his conditions so ther s no way out of it, bad things happen to good peoples i 'am sorry again.

How sad that people are willing to rip off those who are trying to do good.

Sorry, I think you should report him

me too