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Being scammed ? - It's all about trust ! Here are some tips for you!


Hello Fiverr community,

here is One Powerful SEO. We are glad to meet and ready to work with you. After reading some topics on this forum, we have seen that many people are being scammed nowadays, by the persons who are only willing to take their money. The most of the cases we’ve read about happened in the SEO category, so, as we are part of it, we are ready to give you some tips about buying this kind of services.

You see, as we’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of scammers nowadays and the big question is how to get rid of them.

  1. Look for sellers wanting a long-term partnership.

    As we’ve been into this market for over 2 years, we want to mention that there AREN’T a lot of people who ordered our services ONLY ONE TIME. Most of our clients are seeking for long-term projects and look to invest some decent amount in this.

    So, when you are looking for sellers in this domain, tell them you want a long partnership and, as you want to know what you invest in , ASK THEM FOR FREE TEST PIECES. That means , for example building 50 quality backlinks before ordering the product itself, or asking them for some free ideas of the text if you’re looking for writers.

  2. Look for sellers speaking a good english.

    Let’s face it, here are a lot of people who are from India or other countries from that part of the world. We don’t say that is a bad thing, but there’s a a big chance of them speaking crappy english. And what happens when you’re seller speaks crappy english ? Big misunderstandings start to happen and you might be given a complete different thing from the one you ordered, so that’s not what we want, is it ?

    In conclusion, seek for the ones who you can tell they have a good english. EXTRA TIP : Seek for the ones who are not being rude. It might happen that you order from a rude seller who doesn’t keep you informed about the order. For example, in our SEO campaigns, we always tell people the daily report of their projects and when we are going to finish it. So talk to people who are willing to make things clear and inform you about anything that happens.

  3. Don’t always go for the best reviews !

    Ok, this might sound really strange for the majority of buyers, but the best-rated gigs aren’t always the most succesful ones. Why ? Maybe you have heard of this thing, but you can actually buy reviews here, it’s called " Fiverr Exchange Group ". Do a quick google of this term ! See ? So you might hit a buyer that has this kind of “Fake” reviews. There’s a big risk that you’ll get scammed, and it won’t be really satisfying for you.

    Just to be clear, we are not telling you to only buy from the newcomers of Fiverr, nor the sellers that have really bad ratings, we are just telling you to be aware of this kind of sellers. And how ? Again, tell them to provide some free test pieces of their work. If they don’t accept doing this, they might be rude, so we’ve talked about the rude sellers at the second point.

    In conclusion, be aware of the people who are just willing to take your money by sending them a message before ordering, telling them that you want to gain trust and you are looking for a long-term partnership.

    And as we’ve said that " Fiverr is all about trust ", we want you guys to gain some trust in our SEO company, because we are willing to make new friends here.

    So , if it happens that you have a website and you want to rank it up a bit, just ask us for some free backlinks and we will really help you, for free, just as you might want to gain trust in us !

    See you around,

    One Powerful SEO Team !



Reply to @dariussdigiart:

P.S: Good luck to you too

Kind Regards,

One Powerful SEO Team


Reply to @dariussdigiart: Thank you, Darius. Yes indeed, it is a post to get some views rolling in. It works as we attracted a few clients that are now satisfied with our work.


Reply to @lunad88:

Ouch, sorry for that. It might have been a lack of attention and focus. Thanks for marking this, we ware going to be way more careful in the future :smiley:


Reply to @radjaseotea: That’s true. It’s hard to trust someone in the beginning and that’s why we are going to offer the first services for free !

Anyone who has a website and needs some help, we are willing to help you for free !


This is just very shiny topic to get some views :), but it works since I checked what you are offering.

Good luck




Reply to @kay2809: These are tips for the beginners, who often tend to be scammed.

If all buyers from Fiverr were aware of these points, nobody would complain being scammed, right ?


I don’t know how this is useful? People are already aware of these points.


I came across this while looking for how to spot fake reviews on fiverr but… It is funny that on the point you mention getting sellers who have a good command of English, you made a very obvious error "Look for sellers ‘speaking a good’ english rather than “Look for seller who speak good English”??? :-/