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Being seller Hire other freelancer for help

Hello there,
Greetings! Hope you are doing well. Actually, I tried to get large projects that goes for more than 15 days but I face a problem that if client says for fast delivery so I couldn’t be able to make it fast. So I want to know that can I hire other freelancers from gigs for there help in small tasks so workload can decrease.


Yes, you’re allowed to hire other freelancers, just make sure to respect their terms (pay their price, respect their delivery times and number of revisions offered, if you want it super-fast purchase extra fast delivery…).

Also, keep in mind that you’re responsible for the end result.


In addition to that, depending on your customer and the nature of the project, keep in mind that some customers might not want their data/files shared with other people than you.
Anyway, good luck finding someone reliable to work with.


Hello Elancmia,
Nice to see you here, Being a seller It is not possible to hire others, but yes you could become a buyer to hire other’s services. same as well the main contractor hires sub contractors. It will depends on your management skills and yes for sure you should be able to obtain a quality work from your sub contractor. Now I am not sure that you are looking for a good team or just want to outsource your existing orders?