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Being stripped off my level 2 and 1, please help!



I ordered a couple of gigs yesterday and had to give them the website addresses I needed the jobs to be done for.

Later on, I received 3 emails from Fiverr, the first on warning me that I should not link to the outside from Fiverr website, the next one taking away my level 2 and the third one telling me that my level 1 was gone too.

How can I get them back?

I did not ask anyone to contact me outside of the website, I was just giving the requirements to complete the gigs.

Thanks for your help, I’m feeling very depressed about it.


There is only one way to go, contact CS and explain the situation. Add screenshots of your order page as proof. I don’t think you did anything wrong but it’s possible that there has been a misunderstanding.


Reply to @thili111: Thank you, I’ve sent them an email yesterday and another one today, waiting for their reply with my fingers crossed.


I def. would do as thili111 suggested… and as you have already done. I’m betting the messages you got were computer generated from Fiverr’s software, which, we all know, does not discriminate against good or bad website addresses.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes for you.


Reply to @emeraldawnn: Thank you. I did and they don’t want to hear anything. They said that I breach the TOS.


Fiverr doesn’t care about their sellers, plain and simple. Sure they give us cool new features to help boost our sales, which why wouldn’t they, it also puts more money in their pocket. But when it comes to sellers not being able to pay their rent, or feed their family because of losing their level, Fiverr could care less. They operate on a fear based system, and while I’m glad to collect the money while it last, I fear it wont last long.


Reply to @formoredetails: Really sorry about the outcome :frowning: (but on the bright side you still have your account).


Sheriff’s Note: Self promotion goes in the MY FIVERR GIGS section.


Be patient on and be professional. Fiverrguys are real people who need convincing. Just keep trying and not be so mad at them. Its a large sales place. Fiverr allows you to do a ton of self-defense if you know how to do that properly and professionally. Happy Selling and good luck!