Being Suspected As A Bot What Do I Do?


Whenever I do something I’m flagged as a bot? What caused this and how do I fix this???


Same here :confused:


It’s a bug apparently, I switched to a different browser, it seems to be only happening in Chrome.


Yep confirmed, only happening in Chrome -_-


Same here. Just contacted Support team. Let’s see what they will say or how we can avoid this block-access.


Same here on Safari browser…


Not the only one, I see. I refreshed and restarted, almost went crazy.


Happened to me also.


I have this issue as well,
CS had advised me to clear cache (had done that before contacting them already) and to turn off browser extensions,
I did that and the problem seemed to stop after I had turned off my ad blocker respecrively white-listed, but it returned. I can only log in when I use ‘forgot my password’. I updated my ticket, but didn´t get a new reply yet.


Bette you contact the Fiver Support


I had this problem too, and contacted the support about this. The helpful support just replied that this issue have been resolved. I did quick check, and it seems ok now.


Here is how I fixed the problem, it may or may not work for you. Disable your adblocker or whitelist fiverr. The allow cookie or if you cookie explode disable it.


Did you try to log in again after fixing it? I had it fixed the same way as you, but it came back on my 2nd or 3rd login after having worked fine one or two times.

But lets hope its fixed now anyway.


It’s maybe your ip issue


It happens with me sometimes. Open the website in the different browser or browse in incognito mode :smiley:


This issue has been reported as resolved by Staff. If you are still experiencing it then go to Customer Support.


yes I tried logging in again and the problem was no longer there. The problem however only occurs with specific ad blockers and not all of them. Like when I use adguard the problem was there but on adblocker plus it wasn’t there.


It didn´t occur when I logged in after disabling my ad blocker respectively had white listed fiverr, I could log in normally. But when I had logged out and the next day tried to log in, the problem was back, with still turned-off/whitelisted ad blocker. But, like @renderknight up there and Eoin said, reported as resolved by staff. I´ll see tomorrow, I´m not logging out now that I´m logged in again, I’m tired of making up a new password all the time. :wink:


there are 3 ways you can log in to fiverr

  1. using username or email and the password
    2.using facebook if you connected to it
    3.using gmail


I just don’t understand why Adblock can be the issue. Adblock is just to not show popups, ads by google or other ads networks and has nothing to do with fiverr. Fiverr don’t have any partnership with any ad networks. We can see just our gigs and nothing else!