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Being too cheap is not always smart

I just saw someone placed a job at buyer request page for full body caricature with background by 24 hours (Express delivery) for usd 5 only.
25 sellers already submitted their gigs for the job !
Very surprising !
Being too cheap is not always smart.


Being too anything isn’t a good idea.
Even being too smart


These aren’t sellers. They’re flies round a pile of garbage.

Let them have their feast and focus on doing what they don’t do to get sales. - Which is basically create better gigs and explore other earning opportunities.


yes ! you are probably right.

It may also be because of not getting order even placing a natural amount.Sometimes they also may think that buyer will fulfill their requirement by giving tips.Just my opinion don’t take it otherwise.

I appreciate your opinion.

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Exactly .I don’t like it personally .Agree with you .:slightly_smiling_face:

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that is also true…

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Yes ,:+1: definitely

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agree with yoy…Some seller do not have enough idea regarding budgeting.They just sent offer on buyer request.They think if i send offer its good for me.But they don’t know there are many criteria for sending any offer to get order