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Being warned for doing something that a customer wanted?


So this pissed me off…I did a great job for my customer and they were very happy and satisfied and wanted to tip me. They asked me for my paypal address and I gave it to them (they also said they wanted me to do some more work for them which I told them I would be more than happy to). So I gave them my email and I get a warning from fiverr saying I broke TOS. For the love of God…what am I supposed to do? Obey fiverr’s commands and bow down to fiverr and act as though it’s the only freelancing site available on the world wide web? I’m sorry but it frustrates me. Fiverr is great but it needs to be more flexible about its system.

“It seems that you have provided or offered a direct payment to another user, which besides being uncool, violates our Terms of Service (” Uncool? Really? I would never offer a direct payment to a customer unless they asked me for my paypal information. It’s not my fault fiverr only allows customers to pay only $5.


It just pisses me off. Fiverr is not flexible with their system.


Next time tell them to order another gig as a tip


Reply to @tawatson15: Well this is how I look at it, Its always easy to create the best products or services, but if you cant find the marketplace for it, then there is no point. offer’s this marketplace and give’s you an opportunity to make a sale. Thus taking 20% of your revenue for bringing the customer’s your away. Now if you were to deal from the outside, this show’s that you are taking the customer’s from fiverr’s playground, which would be unfair, because Fiverr brought you that customer.

Like I said, its not always about the quality of the product or service, just more about the principle. is providing you the business, at a cost of 20% of your revenue for introducing you the customers. Which obviously they did.

Now is not perfect with their UI( User-Interface) currently to accommodate different dealings,but for now its just about respecting the rules.

Just my 2 cents by the way.


Reply to @routezap: I agree with most of that. A couple of things though. These warnings seem to indicate a “strike” on the seller. Of course I have no proof of this because fiverr don’t divulge any of their rules anywhere in regards to penalties.

They convict you without any evidence. I’ve had about 4 of these warning and all of them I was not looking to work outside fiverr. They were all keywords that happened to send fiverr a flag. If a customer says to me “my PAYPAL lacks funds, ill order a gig when I get PAID” that’s two keywords that flag fiverr. You then get an absolutely condescending popup stating “oops wont do it again” and have no choice but to admit guilt.

I would like to be able to explain the conversation, but I cant.


The terms are pretty clear on accepting payments outside of Fiverr. We all on occasion get buyers who want to work outside of the protective bubble Fiverr gives us. It’s your own duty to just say “No that would be against the Terms of Service and would put my account at jeopardy” If you then give your PayPal address to the buyer for the Tip, who is in the wrong ?


The TOS is there to protect both Fiverr and the entire community of buyers and sellers.

It’s not like they say we cannot do such things as accept payments outside of Fiverr just because they say so. There is a very good reason for it!

They are trying to make it safe for both buyers and sellers. If sellers were allowed to have buyers make payments outside of Fiverr, if something went wrong (like the seller is scamming buyers) then Fiverr would be unable to provide any sort of help to the buyer who was scammed out of money since it wasn’t done through their system. If we stick within their system, we stay safe. Both buyers and sellers can remain protected against scams and other wrong-doings that happen a lot when selling/buying online services/products.

If you want to accept tips, make a “tip gig” like the rest of us do. This will allow buyers to tip you if they feel you deserve it, and keep it within Fiverr. There is no need to go outside of Fiverr to receive tips. And if someone suggests leaving you a tip outside of Fiverr, all you need to do is decline that offer and suggest they leave you a tip using your tip gig on Fiverr by sending them the link to it. Simple.


I guess since we are here, we should work with their rules. just tell the buyer that it’s against the site TOS.


yea man it may suck… take it from me … I’ve been on the site 3 months now . made over $300 this past month alone. I am not even level one yet because I made the mistake of trying to deal money outside of fiverr before I knew fiverr was going to be such a big part of my life. I’m literally paying my bills with it now and I just wish I could level up… They tell me the automated system will allow me to level up “in time” … but I for one , don’t trust any automated systems … Fiverr will pay off when I level up… and there should be a way for us to get “tipped” without fiverr taking 20% of that “tip” … but oh well. Seems like once you are in hot water here , it doesnt cool off quickly. be careful and stick to the TOS… I just reported a member today for practically begging me to pay me a commision outside of fiverr for a job he wanted me to do … this guy was really pushy and I kept telling him … dude just buy extra gigs… and he ended up just being rude. His last message was “I’m not talking a few bucks man , i’m talking thousands! Fine then BYE!” … I simply said … “reported–Bye” … because I just want to level up… will I level up? Who knows because this site is run by some automated system… needs to be more monitored by humans in my opinion… we are dealing money here.


ROFL Fragglesrock?? I didnt type that … wow…


Reply to @zarklon: Fragglesrock is what the forum will automatically replace bad words, external links, names, etc. that are not allowed in the forum.


So, what happens when the customer wants you to offer a service that you already sell outside of Fiverr, because they visited your website and found out that you offer other services? What happens when those services cost more than $5 or $10 or $20? We are a full service PR firm that offers many services for more than $5. And we’ve done biz with a few Fiverr customers who want to create a customized marketing or PR plan, that will occur month to month. That type of labor-intensive consulting costs way more than $5 or $20. And truthfully, we cannot really create a Fiverr-style deal that can properly deliver and price this. So, we’re supposed to just … pass up lots of opps to grow our biz, simply because Fiverr has a problem with my giving a customer a web address?

That seems a little ridiculous if you ask me.

Fiverr’s not doing this to primarily protect everyone. C’mon. That’s naive. They’re doing it because quite simply they don’t make any money off you if you and the customer do biz directly, outside of their site. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. And I agree with Tawatson - it is VERY annoying. But the truth is: many people have no ethics, and will use and abuse a system until it’s no good anymore. So, sites like Fiverr have to keep some semblance of order.

Eric Bryant



I pretty much echo the same advice @madmoo gives

madmoo said: If you don’t want to, or are unable to, offer a service ‘exclusively on fiverr’ then don’t offer it
Sorry for quoting Ang :wink:


The simple fact is this.

tawatson15 - YES! You obey Fiverrs commands. Here, on they are the boss. It’s their rules, it’s their house. Nobody is forcing you to follow the rules, but if you can’t or won’t follow them then why are you here? You wouldn’t go to a friends house and break every rule they lay down would you?

The point is that this is If you want to use their site as a jump off point for any services you may want to offer than you have to follow their rules.

And yes. The “No outside contact” rule can protect you, but of course it also benefits them. That’s business. And the reality of it is that if you don’t like the rules than nobodies forcing you to join Fiverr.

( I’m not trying to sound harsh and this isn’t a slander message. It’s just the only way to type this stuff. )

Is it worth sticking to the rules here? Hell yes. Once the ball get’s rolling there are a lot of sales just waiting.


I had my biggest order the other day for $300+ dollars. The buyer asked to send the payment directly to my paypal. I said NO, everything had to be handled inside of fiverr. I had to go into my gig, and adjust all my gig extras to the max so that he would only have to order 2 of my gigs with ALL the gig extras at $40 a piece. After he made his orders, I went back into the edit mode of my gig, and put the gig extras back to where they were before.

Play by the rules and if there is a will there is a way for you to make all transactions right here through Fiverr.