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Belly exposure - don't know what to do

I’m not sure what to do. I had a buyer message me about modeling as a pregnant women which I agreed. From the message he made it seem like he’d be ok with whatever I was comfortable with. I didn’t really want to expose too much belly. I like the pictures of mothers because they are very beautiful. But my sisters says some guys have a fetish for it. I did the four pictures and he rejected because he wanted full body. And I did two more and showed a small bit of stomach but barely anything. He completed the order and said it was fine if I didn’t want to but said, if I decide not to he wouldn’t get more orders. I’m not sure if I’m over thinking things but I worry. Am I right to feel so worried over having my belly exposed?

You are right to be worried about anything that you aren’t comfortable with. If it feels icky, it probably is. Some people are OK with a lot more than others. I would be glad you got paid for what you did do, but I wouldn’t go any further with it since you feel worried about it.

Obviously he is one of those guys your sister told you about with the fetish.

Only you know if you want to expose your belly in pictures for guys like this or not.

Why ask us? We don’t know your personal values.

You know, after reading @misscrystal’s comment I had to wonder the same thing. I took a look at your gigs and saw the images you included on your modeling gig. While they are relatively tame, they definitely look like images to encourage buyers who want to utilize your gig because you are posing in ways to attract certain types of buyers.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, the gig doesn’t go overboard enough to violate ToS (to me) and you have orders in queue so more power to you. You will have to decide where you personally draw the line, though, and you’ll have to cancel orders when someone asks for something that crosses that line. If you don’t want those kind of orders at all, I wouldn’t offer those type of poses. Forum readers can’t decide anything for you, as @misscrystal said.

Reply to @misscrystal: Thank you! that helped a lot

Reply to @fonthaunt: I’ll keep this in mind. Thank you for the support! I should just trust my gut instincts more.

You will probably get lots of guys like this with various odd requests. As long as you do not send anything exposing more than a modest bikini would you will be good as far as Terms of Service on fiverr.

I’m not sure where fiverr stands on lingerie photos so I would ask customer service for clarification on this.