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Benefit of a Follow up message after delivery

A follow up message after delivery is a very unique way of turning a one time buyer to lifetime customer.

This is the situation whereby you will send a short but powerful message to a buyer you’ve just completed his or her project by thanking them for make use of your service and making them to realize that you are always available for there project.

Hope this help us all.


I’m not sure. I usually write all that you mentioned in my delivery message, so I don’t feel the need for a follow-up message. I would feel like I’m burdening the buyer with my “please hire me again” subtle message, on top of sounding desperate for more orders. Also, how many times do I need to thank them? Because I often already thank them when they place the order and then again when I deliver. It feels redundant to do it a third time.

Consider also that some buyers completely disappear after placing the order, to the point that the orders need to be auto-completed, so I’m not sure a follow-up message is a go-to method to gain “lifetime” customers. I’d rather leave them their space and freedom to come back or not, if they like your work they will come back anyway, whether you message them or not.


What works for me might not work fir you ma’am.

Remember that not all buyers will respond to this.

Complementary means a lot to some buyers as well.