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Benefits Of Fiverr Forum or Forum Account

Hey there! I want to know about the benefits of fiverr forum or forum account.
Please share your ideas, views & experience.
Thanx in advance.
Imam Uddin

The only benefits are knowledge from the things you could learn, and friendship from the fellow sellers you meet on the forum. The forum will not – I repeat – WILL NOT make you successful, or bring your more sales just because you post things on the forum. The forum is just a forum. Focus your attention on building better gigs, not trying to find easy ways to become successful.

There are no easy roads to success.


Dear @jonbaas, a thanx is not enough for such kind of share, but thanx a lot for your nice and beneficial reply.

It’s better if you call Jon Baas @jonbaas by his name. I’m afraid that not everyone here like being called “dear” :sweat_smile: