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Benefits to download fiverr app

To make your Fiverr account stronger, you need to stay online at least twice in a day to keep your Fiverr account, and it can be possible only by the Fiverr app. You can’t stay online from your pc or laptop all the time or entire day, so app Fiverr is the best option to stay connected with Fiverr 24/7 from your mobile device anywhere/anytime.

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I’m sorry to say that the “24/7 online” thing is just a myth. Being online all day is not only impossible, but it will also negatively affect your health.
Fiverr app could help you to reply faster to your buyers and stay online if needed, but it won’t make any magic trick to boost your sales.

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Stop listening to bad advice


@nahidas you’re level 2. So I’d say you know how to sell on fiver!

Why do you think staying online helps, do you think it affects the algorithm?

I respectfully don’t agree with you but would like to understand why you think this?