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Besides the view and clicks, what is Impressions supposed to tell you


I am relatively new to Fiverr and the app on my phone used to show me Views and Clicks with up or down arrows and j understand what they mean.

My from past few weeks, another category called ‘Impressions’ has also started showing besides them, with an up arrow.
I am not sure what information is that supposed to give me.
Can anyone please guide me and tell me, what is the ‘Impressions’ category on the App dashboard is for?




Impressions are when your gigs show in the search results page.
Clicks are when someone clicks on your gig after it appears in the search result page.
Views are when someone views your gigs directly from your profile, or from a direct link…etc

Hope this helps.

Hi Ammarshrf,

Thanks for responding.

A follow-up question though.
So what enables my gig to start showing in search results?

I have searched the forum, and found this thread, I hope it’s helpful.


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Thank you so much Ammarshrf.
This is very helpful.

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Thank you emrlanka. This is helpful

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