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Best and most helpful way to increase gig views, impressions, ranks, clicks upto 10k and many more

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thanks for sharing it’s informative


why you stopped selling for a month?


It’s great to get inspired from top rated sellers but what you are recommending is outright copy all keywords that they are using.

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@cristophergoes busy in exams and take some rest

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What resolution for the videos do you recommend?

@mariashtelle1… let say you are a graphics designer and you use the word graphics design in your title and I say the top rated seller uses the same so you are just copying and pasting … there is no other way to check out the ranking of tags there only a few tags related to any gig so if you use let say tags of top-rated seller it doesn’t mean you will get some impressions and views it’s just that after applying those tags you can check your progress and if it works for you good if not then keep changing the tags,

minimum 720p so its client can see the details… you can use any resolution just stay within the required mbs


Yes it might be the same tags but you are explicitly saying in your post few times to copy their key words.

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i said copy paste the keywords into the note pad then research it how many people are using it what i am saying is check the trend and go with the flow. like i did just now i search ui ux design and i see how many people are using the word “design int eh title” then other words, then no of characters in the tile, then i searched all of their tags and compare them and found that 30+ people out of 44 are using “design” in the title it means its trending so we should follow the same and see if thats work for you if not try other. :slight_smile:


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it is great and nice trophies

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Better than a lot of advice I see here, but a lot of it is a bit shady.

The bad:

You don’t need to put links to your gigs on your gig description, I would advise against that. It just screams desperation.

You should definitely NOT use the same word 3 times on the description, that’s just repetitive.

Sharing your gig anywhere is pointless for the vast majority of sellers.

The good:

Keyword search to see what is working. Copying keywords is not plagiarism, there’s obviously a limit to the keywords that can be used in any field, and nobody expects every gig to have unique keywords, so that’s totally fine.

The image sizes and margins are actually useful advice (if your info is correct, idk) that I never see posted, so kudos for that.

Good advice on the fonts as well, those are good, professional looking fonts, and much better than what I see a ton of sellers using.


fiverr allow links in description and if you have simialr gigs and have reviews, its a good idea to add gig link within other but related gig as portfolio because for designers fiverr dont allow links from dribbble etc so thats a good idea.

and sharing your gig on social media is good thing because you get orders and impressions i got 10 k impressions from sharing on insta and facebook only.

using 3 times in description give you more progress over the other gigs only if in algorithm both are at same level its just what i learnt and my research of 3 years. on fiverr.

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Where did you share on Facebook or instagram? Any specific pages or something? How did you find your target market on FB

  1. Yes, they allow links in the description, but you shouldn’t put links to your other gigs there. Makes no sense. It’s visual noise, if nothing else. If I want to see a sellers other gigs, I’ll click his profile.

  2. Sharing your gig on social media works if you know how to do it and have a following. People following forum tips have no idea how to do it properly, and will just spam. I’ve never done it, and I’m doing just fine. Besides, if you have a following or interaction with what you post, direct people to your own website, not to Fiverr. Why pay 20% if you are bringing in the leads? Makes no sense.

  3. No, it doesn’t. There’s no advantage to repeating yourself.

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just use fiverr group on fb, make connections and help people and share your work with fiverr link on linkedin… give tips, your design on instagram and your past work too on instagram with proper style.

own mindset sir, i shared my experience i didnt know how to share back then but i keep working hard and now i know ho to do so they will know too it needs time, effort. and fiverr takes 20% it dosent mean you dont have to do anything .

If you say to post on Fiverr related groups like groups where people exchage gig hearts, post their gig, then your advice is no use, and more like time wasting.
For linkedin, I know about that, but mostly people dont connect, and even if they connect they dont respond to our messages.

You have to do the actual work. But if you can direct people to Fiverr, you can direct people to your website or e-mail and not pay any commission.

I pay Fiverr 20% for the leads. Only for the leads. What else am I paying 20% for? For the buggy platform? For the amazing CS? Hmm…

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Directing to your website or email is hard. Mostly its hard to convert people from social media, as first you have to introduce your idea then convince them. Am i right @visualstudios?