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Best antivirus for fiverr attachments?


which is the best antivirus/ antimalware for Fiverr attachments, images, docs, notepad etc
I am using windows default antivirus.
What you suggest or which is the best antivirus/ antimalware?



You can scan your files here:

This will put the file through all the major virus scanners in the market.


I use iObit, which scans everything downloaded and lets me know if something is safe or not BEFORE I open it.


Thanks for reply @sandm4n @emeraldawnn
IObit Malware Fighter free or Pro?
what about bitdefender Pro?
I want that antivirus delete infected files before open.


Hi,one best options is use Mac. there’s no viruses for the Mac system.


From yesterday my browser creating problem
one buyer send me docs file her website detail after open it when i go to on delivery page and click on work upload then page goes to on fiverr main page this happens with me many time i scan my laptop with default antivirus and malwarebytes but laptop is clean no any threat found
using windows10


I think fiverr also uses some kind of antivirus too on there site.


Please clean up yours might solve the problem.


i am using ccleaner after close browser it clean whole the browser


yes agree with you they need to use antivirus like gmail we cant upload any infected file on gmail