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Best Back Up & Redundant Strategy For Delivered Files


Hi Fiverr’s
My free Soundcloud and Dropbox account will be full soon.
As a VO i’m contemplating a new organisational strategy
for my files. But I’m not in favor of paying for these cloud
storage options, their stupid crazy expensive.
Does anyone know of a good program that can get files organised and one that might
let your own “client side” PC be an effective sharing tool?
I’m very tech savvy but now i’ve put my mind to it I can’t think of a program
that would effectively handle audio file organisation.


Can you give me an idea how much large file you want to transfer?


The problem is I now have 2,000 audio samples. I need a way to share them and organize them.
They range from 5mb to 50mb and 200mb on video.
I need to be able to archive them in an organized manner and share them selectively via my external 5TB hard drive

example … customer name, sample type , VO type, and then share them in real time. I do have my own web site


Got it. I am sure that you are aware about google drive free 15GB storage.
You can share your files via this platform. Once you upload 15GB data, and after your client download it, you can refresh your google drive for another 15GB data to go. It will be a long process for you but it is absolutely free of cost.


15gb storage or 15gb share?


And for video, you can upload all of your video files into your youtube channel in a private category so that no one can see it accept the person with your video link. This way you can share unlimited video files to someone you want to.


Does Google drive let you index the files. ie make them searchable?

I need maybe 4 searchable regions


15GB storage for your own use. Google Preserve this storage for every google account holder for forever. If you want more than 15GB, you have to buy it.


Not at all. It’s all about privacy. However, you can obviously share your stored files with others


I meant can you store the files and search notes or tags or keywords. Thanks by the way


Let me check. I don;t know this either.


Yes. There is a search option, so that you can search your desired file from a bunch of thousand files for example.


Thanks a lot,appreciate it


Welcome. I loved to have a techy chat with you. Stay well.