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Best Buyer request Proposal for all kind of orders

I doubt it if you will get an order with this. I can’t think any reason of why buyers should accept your corrected proposal which obviously not addressed to their needs. They want you to let them know about how you will give them satisfaction through quality works, not just promises. :wink:

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Why…that is not right?So please let me know what type of proposal is good for logo.

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I would revise that. Seriously. That means might as well bend over more. A normal person would understand you, but anyone could exploit that and see that you’re gonna cave in for everything just not to get some bad rep. Not good, my man. If you don’t have confidence in this business, the market’s gonna chew you up and throw you out like a dirty little puppy. I would not mention the 5-star review thing. And also you don’t want to sound like you’re doing it for the reviews only. Like, if I’m a musician, I do it for the money. Go and say that to your fans and you won’t have fans anymore, lol.


Yes, seriously drop that 5 stars line and not just because it could be exploited. Fiverr tells sellers in numerous places to not solicit for positive reviews, asking for 5 stars, being even worse than asking for a posive review.

While I understand this is in your proposal and not your delivery message, I’d recommend not talking about reviews, especially not positive/five stars ones, in your proposal at all. If things go bad, it might earn you an account warning or even suspension, depending.

Focus on what the buyer needs / what their request said, and what and how you can help them with that. Review talk IMO doesn’t belong into offers at all.


Yeah, that too. Thanks for the add.

Hi, Just read your comments regarding Bid Description and that’s as a new on Fiverr needs some guidance regarding it. Whats steps i should take to make an impressive Bid Description.

Wanna grab my first order and need help on this issue??? Thanks

  • Only bid on things you can do
  • Speak about the project they are talking about, not about what you have done in the past
  • Give some info about how you might approach their project
  • Price it fairly and if it is a larger price ($100+) it doesn’t hurt to explain why its that price.
  • If you cannot give a price because what they want is too vague, say so at the start of your Offer and put a high price so they won’t just click on it (like if you put $5, they might not even read your description)
  • Only bid on things you can do (so important I say it twice)

Noted … Appreciate your responce.Thanks


Thank you for your help. @writerlisaz

I m wandering to use fiverr, … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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can you say please, how to come buyer request from goole search